Jax Daily Music News : Six New Smoken Summer Singles 2021

Why get trapped listening to one genre when you can have so much more.


Even though todays music discovery experience comes mostly from algorithm-Based Music Recommendations, the computer doesn’t always get it right. Every week Spotify serves up around 100 disappointing tracks that it thinks I might like leaving me feeling unfulfilled and bored.

When is Spotify going to realize that this generation of music listener doesn’t like to be boxed in. Just like the creators I admire, I don’t like to get stuck in a black hole of commercially successful trends.

I want more and I crave to spend my time listening to groundbreaking new combinations of sound, profound lyrics and inspiring voices.

If you like to discover those kinds of unique creations, join me by becoming a subscriber & follow my playlist:

Artist: Romes
Song Title: “Chillthefuckout.”
Genre: Alternative Rock, Punk
Sounds like: Nine Inch Nails, Twenty One Pilots

Toronto-based brother duo, ROMES, is giving listeners something brand new to enjoy while reminding them to stop sweating the small stuff with “Chillthefuckout.” Produced by the brothers themselves, Jacob and Alexander Bitove, the two have created an addictive indie-pop/ Alternative rock track that perfectly connects with the current mind of young people today. <MORE>

New Release: Children of The Dark
Genre: Alternative rock, Punk, Metal
Sounds like: Sub Urban, Missio, The Bloody Beetroots

From fashion to music this artist fully embraced the alternative lifestyle and proves that emersion equals inclusion.

POORSTACY’s New Single and self directed music video “Children Of The Dark” features a mix of distorted guitars and fast-paced drums setting the scape for a powerful and energetic rock vocal. <MORE>

Artist: Mi$tuh G & Mak7teen
New Release: Smoke
Genre: Hip Hop, Rap,
Sounds like: Tech N9ne, Da Baby, Twisted Insane, Mozzy, Lil Baby Drake, Lil Wayne, Roddy Rich, Brotha Lynch Hung, 2pac

Mi$tuh G & Mak7teen ‘Smoke’ is Sacramento HipHop hard-hitting and different

Sacramento, California is a city rooted in hip-hop from the old school vets like C-Bo and Brotha Lynch Hung to newcomers like Mozzy. It ’s only natural that more hard-hitting artists would come out of the blossoming city. Their influences come from the artform itself. Things like flow and wordplay are the main inspiration for these two artists to keep pushing and deliver a fantastic verse each time. <MORE>

Artist: Mad Gallica
New release: SOULS ON FIRE
Genre: Pop Ballad
Sounds like: : Adele, Sarah Bareilles, Lady Gaga
Located in: : Nashville, TN, USA

Mad Gallica Souls on Fire inspires an auditory cinematic experience bending genres

“I prepared my voice for this song like a runner trains for a marathon. Fortunately, I had been on tour for a few years, singing music that required me to belt as high and loud as I can. Singing this song stretched my voice to new levels, and I don’t think I would have been able to belt the final notes at the end had it been a few years ago.”

Mad Gallica released her newest song, SOULS ON FIRE, a genre of its own: A shadowy tale of a supernatural romance that spans lifetimes with a moody orchestral pop ballad with an epic build featuring live orchestration, a haunting piano accompaniment, and the powerhouse rock-opera vocals of Mad Gallica. A SOULS ON FIRE inspires an auditory cinematic experience for the listener. <MORE>

Artist: Cabela and Schmitt
New Release: Celebrate the Music

Genre: Pop/Rock
Sounds like: : Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, Mumford & Sons
Located in: : Nebraska and Colorado

CELEBRATE THE MUSIC has a two-fold meaning. The song addresses how we as a society listen to and treat music when we hear a song that we enjoy. And the other purpose is how we, as Cabela and Schmitt feel about the gift we have been given and how much joy it brings us to be allowed the opportunity to receive the inspirations and to share them with others.

As far as our musical direction, We have so many influences from years past to new indie groups just coming out. In our music catalogue, we have a wide range of music with a continual release schedule. <more>

Artist: Xuinn
New release: Stuck in my Head
Genre: Alternative Pop
Sounds like: : Twenty One Pilots, The Neighbourhood
Located in: : Tampa, Florida

‘Stuck in My Head’ is a compelling blend of the styles that move me. I don’t want to be trapped in one genre when I know that I can sound like more, so you’ll find diversity in my music. My influences are bands like Twenty One Pilots, My Chemical Romance, Alesana, The Neighbourhood, and Nirvana. Whether they influence my style or just my love of music in general, they’ve been with me since the beginning. I wouldn’t have started making music without discovering my favorite artists. Through my music, I hope people can find a love for music and realize that they’re not alone in their struggles. <More>

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Curation by Jacqueline Jax



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