Preparing for the future

The Union Square in San Francisco is locked down

In the midst of

pain and suffering,

death and devastation,

I see a sign

in the sighting of wildlife

in our cities.

It occurred to me

that fear of death

forced us to retreat

into our homes, and

make space

for the wildlife

to discover

new freedom.

It occurred to me

that we needed this retreat,

so we can reflect

what we’ve gained

and what we’ve lost,

and create for us

a new purpose, and

a new journey.


We now have

time to discover

the difference between:

Friends and friendships,

wealth and richness,

information and wisdom,

connections and relations,

goals and purpose,

career and journey,

success and growth,

cooperation and collaboration,

knowing and learning.

We can't be sure

what the future has

in store for us,

but for sure, the future is

open for re-imagination.

The future will emerge

from a shared imagination,

that will evolve

through a dialogue.

We can help

moderate the dialogue.

We can help

frame the dialogue.

By understanding

the dreams and values

that survived and evolved,

and the fallacies that failed.

We can’t predict the future

but we can be

prepared for the future.




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Uday Dandavate

Uday Dandavate

A design activist and ethnographer of social imagination.