What kind of a world do we want to live in?

Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

I have learned that no matter what my intentions, beliefs or ideology are, I cannot force lasting change alone in the world.

Change tends follow its own pace no matter how fast we want to engineer it. I have also learned that visionary and passionate leaders who trigger disruptive change or revolutions are limited in how much lasting impact they can have on life. I find more effective way of becoming champions of change is by sensing and harnessing the forces of change that are already emerging in our environment and by making people conscious, receptive and prepared to embrace it.

This process calls for curiosity, sensitivity and observation power. It calls for commitment to foundational principles of life that are a part of nature’s rules for sustainable co-existence.

These rules are:

Diversity inspires creativity.
Every life form is unique. This uniqueness has built in our very nature attraction for differences and potential for collaboration and co-creation.

Interdependence supports sustenance.

Reciprocal relationship between elements of larger ecosystems nurture the capacity to support each other, sustain and survive through difficult times.

Every element in the ecosystem has a life cycle.

Every element lives through life stages. Each life stage has its own capacities (to contribute to the larger ecosystem) and (survival/ support) needs.

Every element serves a larger purpose

From birth to death every element of nature plays its part in serving a larger purpose- to ensure balance, evolution and rebirth.

Everything is connected

When interdependent elements support the larger purpose they contribute to creation of harmony in the universe.

As I ponder about these rules of nature, I reframe my original question “What kind of a world do I want to live in?” to “what kind of a world do I want to leave behind?”

My answer to this question is- A world where people respect their role in the ecosystem as elements of nature created by nature with a mandate to care for each other. I want every element of nature, rains, forests, the earth, birds, animals, mountains, and humans, to be reborn healthier.

So my provocation to every human is, “How might we become more sensitive to our roles and responsibilities to leave behind a healthier universe?”



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Uday Dandavate

Uday Dandavate

A design activist and ethnographer of social imagination.