Discord Competition Rules and Advice TL;DR

Here are the Facts, the Bads and the Goods of the Soniq Discord Competition Series

The Facts:

F1: You can upload your videos here, right now. You don’t have to wait for a contest to begin. Voting, however voting will start when the contest officially starts.

F2: This is a singing competition. This encompasses everything from rap to yodeling, as long as you use your vocal cords for it and as long as it isn’t plain talking or spoken word poetry. We all know what using your vocal cords for music entails.

F3: Singing must be done in English. Yes, this does include all English language dialects.

F4: Uploading old videos of yourself singing is absolutely fine. We will probably contacting you personally to check for authenticity, but if you are who you claim you are, you should experience no issues.

F5: Uploading videos that are part of other competitions and such is allowed, as far as Soniq is concerned. However, we renounce any responsibility as far as Terms & Conditions of any other competition is concerned. This is all up to the contender(s) in question and the respective (and respected) competition organizers.

F6: Our referral system works on this basis: a Discord user who refers a new user will only get a reward if these two conditions are met: a) They’ve brought a new, active user; b) the brought new (referred) user joins our Discord contest by posting a contender video on our #contests channel.

F7: The reward for referring people to our Discord is $10 per referred person in SONIQ (around 500 SONIQ at the time of writing this)

F8: The bonus reward is extra SONIQ you’ll get for having referred someone who’s won either the 1st, 2nd or 3rd place on our contests. This is to encourage you to bring quality talent to our contest. Consider yourself a lowkey sponsor of the winner that you’ve referred to us!

F9: Referring a celebrity to our Discord will get you extra SONIQ. If this celeb turns out to be a contestant, you get even more SONIQ! Hit us up if you do happen to bring a celebrity!

F10: Every and any Discord contest participant (regardless of whether and what they’ve won), will be invited as an early-access user to our immensely awesome, ridiculously cool, massively online talent show app that we’re working on — the Soniq Stars. There are some sweet & juicy treats in store for all you early birds.

F11: The prizes are distributed per video, regardless of how many people are included in it. Each video is considered a contestant of its own.

The Bads:

B1: No nudity and hateful behavior is allowed. Such videos will be subject to permanent ban from Soniq. Don’t be that dude. Inappropriate jokes, sexist, racist, chauvinist and pretty much any behavior ending in “-ist” that’s commonly known as “don’t be that dude” will result in a permanent ban (permaban). Be polite, decent and genuine.

B2: Don’t upload more than one video. Every single contender, no matter how they got to our Discord is recommended to upload a single video of their choice. Uploading more than one video will force our hand to delete your videos until there’s only one remaining. For the purposes of the contest, even if we don’t manage to delete all of your excess videos, only the last posted video will count. Better to rile up all the Soniq Logo reacts on a single video, than have them scattered across multiple ones.

B3: Avoid posting videos that aren’t yours. If you really have to act as a representative/liaison for a singer, you’re going to need the author’s permission. Posting someone else’s content without clear and carefully explained permission is strictly forbidden and it will definitely, without an ounce of doubt lead to you being permanently banned from Soniq, at the very least. We will be checking for authenticity and we will find out about any sort of fraudulent behavior.

The Goods

G1: Be strong! Don’t get discouraged by bad people. Our admins will take care of them, but we can always use your help. Contact us on our #support channel, or contact me personally on Discord to take a look at and sort out a potentially inappropriate or sensitive situation.

G2: Do your best to promote your contest video on social media and share a Discord invite link to our channel. We will help by posting videos at random over the course of the contest period, but you are your own best friend here.

G3: Share your YouTube video on #contests channel, add Soniq emoji to the post, as this is how people will vote for you, and pin the posted video, because this is how the voters will browse the videos.