New Soniq Branding

Nikola Tomic
Oct 29, 2018 · 3 min read

Lovely peepz of Soniq, boy do we have some refreshments for you!

As you already know, we are kind of serious about the whole Soniq project. We literally want to take on the world, step by step.

Now, we know clothes don’t make the man, but for sure the way they dress speaks lengths about one’s energy and style. This is why we decided to work with a local branding superstar to set the visual style and direction for Soniq.

Here are the keywords we felt describe best the spirit of Soniq:

  • Sound waves
  • Music
  • Energy
  • Life
  • Colorful
  • Organic
  • Raw
  • Bursting

Our goal wasn’t to merely create just a symbol. We did not want to box in and bury all everything that Soniq represents behind some shape. We didn’t want to, because it is, oh, so much more.

Here’s a bit of a visual story our new branding tells!

You see a sky, it has no shape — yet you know it’s sky. You see an ocean, it has no form — still, you are pretty certain it is an ocean. This is what we wanted for Soniq — put it in a glass or bottle, it is still recognizable, it still has the same energy. We wanted something universal, timeless, which works for eternity.

Now, we actually did “bottle” that raw, organic, wavy energy — the shape is a combination of the S-waves monogram enclosed in universal and recognizable music/play symbol.

Now, as for the Soniq Stars, we felt that the most humble and honest symbol to use is, well, a star!

Ooooh, yeah, and we also have some old-school business cards splattered with our new aesthetics. Check them out. Pretty cool, huh?

Feast your eyes, my dudes and dudettes. We’re going places!

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