Hewlett-Packard invites SONM to Cloud28+

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2 min readDec 29, 2017


Hewlett-Packard has become the latest brand to get excited by the technology of SONM!

After our presentation at October’s Blockchain Solutions Forum in Barcelona, the Hewlett-Packard IoT Bounce team and Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) invited us to join Cloud28+ — a tightly knit community that they sponsor.

What is Cloud28+ ?

Cloud28+ is an open community of cloud service providers, solution providers, ISVs, systems integrators, distributors and government entities dedicated to accelerating Cloud adoption in Europe and around the globe:

How will Cloud28+ benefit SONM?

By joining the Cloud28+ community, SONM makes an important step towards being recognized as an important contributor to the decentralized computing marketplace. Furthermore, it demonstrates SONM as a reliable brand with credible solutions which will attract new partners.

Working on potential joint projects with the IoT Bounce team and HPE, we move closer to developing solutions for real world problems as we pursue our aim of democratizing tomorrow’s cloud computing landscape.

As SONM continues to develop, we will use Cloud28+ as a channel to continually update the wider cloud computing community. Our company profile is on the cloud28+ website, the world’s biggest aggregator of cloud computing services developed and sponsored by Hewlett Packard Enterprise.

Our website: https://sonm.io

MVP page: https://mvp.sonm.io

Telegram: https://t.me/sonm_eng