SONM has joined The OpenFog Consortium

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1 min readJan 13, 2018

SONM has just become a member of the OpenFog Consortium, a global fog computing organization founded by Cisco, Dell, Intel, Microsoft, ARM, and Princeton University.

What is OpenFog Consortium?

The OpenFog Consortium is a global organisation accelerating the adoption of fog computing across the globe. The consortiums open architecture creates a fog computing ecosystem which can effectively serve multiple IoT platforms and applications. It was founded in 2015, and has grown into a groundbreaking ecosystem with more than 60 members from across the globe.

Learn more about the OpenFog mission:

Membership with the OpenFog consortium marks a new level of SONMs growth.

How will OpenFog benefit SONM?

SONMs membership in OpenFog allows us to play an active role in shaping the ecosystems technical foundation, testing new concepts and ultimately creating new business opportunities through fog computing technologies and solutions.

SONM CTO, Igor Lebedev, commented on the membership:

“Being involved with the OpenFog Consortium bring us one step closer to the real-world application of our concepts and resources. This is the opportunity to increase our capabilities and collaborate with large enterprises, research institutions and universities around the world.”

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