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As we have highlighted multiple times in the past, SONM’s fog computing can be used for many different purposes. Smaller tasks or advanced computing work such as scientific calculations can all be completed comfortably. In this blog post, we highlight four of the more common use cases for fog computing and how SONM’s technology helps address any issues associated with these tasks.

Web Hosting and Sub Hosting

It is evident a decentralized approach to web hosting can be quite interesting to take into account. Right now, setting up a website and hosting it online can only be done by signing a contract with a centralized provider. With SONM’s fog computing, however, anyone can host websites regardless of how simple or advanced it is. Moreover, there is no need to rely on one single provider. Plus, fog computing can scale on demand at an affordable rate, which is something regular providers cannot provide right now.

Hosting service providers often purchase the necessary processing power from a third party, which means all of the hosted data is exposed to a lot of prying eyes. Renting and sub-renting said computing power is not the safest business practice by any means. It also forces all customers to agree to a contract for a specific duration, ranging from one month to several years.

Fog computing alleviates these concerns,a s users will gain access to the decentralized web hosting solution. Small businesses will benefit the most from this platform, as hosting services will be provided at an extremely affordable rate. Larger companies, on the other hand, will receive access to an API. Everybody wins when using SONM, that much is evident.

Running Applications

A lot of people tend to underestimate the computing power required to power popular applications. Most applications we use on a computer or smartphone receive their processing power from a cloud server. SONM will change all of that by giving developers a decentralized solution to build backends and backbone servers. This feature will be provided for applications in both the Apple and Google app stores alike.

Moreover, developers will be more than able to create their own platform to provide app hosting services to other customers. Everything will run on SONM’s fog computing network, which scale son demand and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. Rest assured fog computing will change the way applications operate and developers will develop backends in the future.

Game Servers

Perhaps one of the more intriguing use cases for SONM comes in the form of hosting game servers. Anyone in the world can create a video game server and pay for it using the native SNM token. A Quake server will be launched in the near future, and it is expected AAA game developers will shift their focus to offering multiplayer services hosted on the SONM protocol. Doing so should erase any doubts regarding server availability and lag.

More importantly, fog computing can be a valuable ally for other games as well. Augmented reality games, for example, require a ton of computing power to provide an optimal experience. SONM provides an excellent solution in this regard, as they offer scalable computing power to anyone in the world. Even games such as Pokemon Go could have avoided the list of issues at launch by using decentralized solutions. With computations being conducted by hardware in close proximity to the user in question, there are significant improvements to be made for sure.

Video Streaming

Consumers all over the world are flocking to video streaming services as of late. Services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Crunchyroll all use a lot of computing power. Moreover, they rely on a lot of centralized servers, which can cause a lot of problems. Although these services are often available without any issues, some users can run into buffering issues and lower quality streams for no good reason.

Using fog computing technology to improve video streaming could yield some interesting results for sure. Especially with the demand for HD and 4K quality video growing, there will be a need for more and affordable computing power. OSNM is in the prime position to shake up the video streaming service for the better. The protocol provides a larger amount of bandwidth which reduces buffering to zero and allows for more 4K content to be streamed by these platforms at any given time.

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