Revolutionizing NFTs: The Innovative Features of mQuark
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4 min readFeb 21, 2023


As the world becomes increasingly digitalized, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have emerged as a powerful tool for creators, collectors, and investors alike. NFTs allow creators to prove ownership and authenticity of their digital creations, while collectors and investors can buy and sell these unique assets like any other collectible.

But while NFTs have gained significant attention and popularity, many challenges still need to be addressed. That’s where mQuark comes in. mQuark is a revolutionary platform that aims to solve many of the challenges facing the NFT market today. By providing support for interoperability, upgradability, and customization, mQuark is setting a new standard for NFTs that will change the game for everyone.

At the core of mQuark is the concept of templates, which are essentially blueprints that define the essential and basic characteristics of an NFT, including its metadata. Templates help to standardize NFTs and make them more interoperable across various platforms.

This is a huge step forward for the NFT space, as it has been hampered by issues related to fragmentation and the need for interoperability.

By offering a standard template system, mQuark is helping to ensure that NFTs are more accessible and usable for creators and collectors. For instance, in the past days, there were dinosaurs on earth. Some of them were herbivorous, some of them carnivorous, some of them were huge, and some of them were tiny. How on earth do we know all of these since any person has never seen them? We all know the answer; The bones!

Bones tell many things about the species, it is the skeleton that defines the species. But scientists can’t be sure what they look like, for example, the exact colors of dinosaurs. This is the same for NFTs, the template defines the NFT, but its look can be unknown to the reader since the creator of the NFT can customize it; however, the information will be accessible to them, of course. For example, when a platform is aware of a Template, if your NFT is generated from the same Template, your NFT is “something” for that platform!

But mQuark goes further than just templates. The platform also includes the concept of collections, which are groups of NFTs that share a standard template. This is incredibly useful for creators, as it allows them to organize their NFTs and makes them easier to find and discover. Collections are customizable and can be either free or paid, allowing creators to monetize their work in a way that works for them. This is an excellent feature for creators and collectors, making it easier to find and buy NFTs that fit specific themes or styles. With mQuark, NFTs become more than just standalone assets — they become part of a larger ecosystem of interconnected tokens.

One of the main challenges facing NFTs is that they are often static and cannot be updated once they are created. What sets mQuark apart is its support for URI slots. URI slots enable creators to store multiple URIs for their NFTs, which can be updated and changed over time.

The logic is very similar to the subscription system in current platforms. For example, you can subscribe to Netflix, Disney+, or a famous Twitch streamer. After you have a subscription, you have access to their futures. Since mQuark offers people the to create platforms(projects) in the ecosystem, people can subscribe to them and have a URI slot for the project. Only the project will have access to its slot on the NFT, other slots will

be read-only. This means owners can add new content to their NFTs or upgrade the content in their NFTs. And with mQuark’s support for verifying URIs using project signatures, owners can be sure that their NFTs will remain secure and valid, even as they evolve over time.

Overall, mQuark is a game-changing platform poised to revolutionize the world of NFTs. By providing support for interoperability, upgradability, and customization, mQuark sets a new standard for NFTs that will benefit creators, collectors, and investors alike. With mQuark, NFTs become more than just standalone assets — they become part of a larger ecosystem of interconnected tokens that can be constantly updated and customized to reflect their creators’ unique vision and creativity. As the world becomes increasingly digital, mQuark is the platform to watch for anyone interested in the exciting world of NFTs.

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