The role of Soonami in the success of AuditOne: An all-in-one auditing platform
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2 min readDec 19, 2022


At AuditOne talented auditors are empowered to verify and secure Web3 projects. A team of experienced security professionals and blockchain experts at founded AuditOne to address the growing need for reliable and transparent security audits.

The idea of AuditOne originated at the venture launcher, where the current Operations Manager & Co-founder David Velek joined the project to help develop the concept into a functioning business model. Daniel Francis got involved a while later to focus on product development. While the Soonami team supported David and his colleague Daniel with developers, advisors, and designers, they needed help finding the right partners to join the project. A change came after the merger with CoinRisk, a startup that Adrien and Raja developed; that’s when AuditOne took off. Under the strategic guidance of Adrien Resch (CEO), the technical know-how of Raja Thota (CTO), David’s operational management and Daniel’s products development, the project has grown exponentially. Currently, AuditOne has more than 100 auditors signed in to their platform and multiple audits with each 10+ severe findings identified, while more audits are in process.

A successful startup is built on three main components: the idea, the team, and the execution. While having a great idea is important, the team makes the execution possible. Soonami was instrumental in connecting the right people to build a strong team. Initially, Adrien was searching for funding for his and Raja’s venture CoinRisk, focusing on the development of audit tools e.g., tools to identify vulnerabilities in smart contracts. Soonami saw the potential in the founders and proposed a merger with AuditOne, along with additional financing. While both startups could have operated independently, the merger allowed them to combine their ideas and create an advanced security service with a strong team.

After the merger, Soonami assisted AuditOne and its founders in establishing a limited liability company, developing internal infrastructure, and providing financial support. The expert team at Soonami continues to support AuditOne in key decisions and provide valuable resources. While AuditOne now has its marketing and design teams in the early stages, Soonami supported the team with its HR, designers, and developers. Therefore, the launchpad is here to provide financial and strategic support for the project to accelerate growth.

In summary, Soonami has played a crucial role in helping AuditOne succeed. By facilitating the merger with CoinRisk and providing valuable resources, Soonami has helped the company grow and improve the security of smart contracts on Web3.


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