Happy New Year! Wrap-up 2022 & Outlook 2023!

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As promised, we want to wrap-up 2022 and reflect what we have achieved since the launch of Soon.Market in February 2022. A lot of things happened and if you read the complete blog article you will also get to know our plans for 2023 🚀

We hope all of you had a great start in 2023! 🍾🎆

Wrap-up 2022

In this timeline based overview, we wanna summarize and reflect our work in 2022. We are absolutely proud of what we have achieved and we want to thank everybody that supports us and uses Soon.Market to buy and sell NFTs 🙏


Watch and enjoy our preview video by clicking on the link above! 💜


What shall we say? Everybody loves Soony, the best notification bot on Proton! 😍


Many of you probably don’t know about this “Buy RAM flow” feature, but in case your account doesn’t cover the RAM that is required for certain actions, the UI of Soon.Market will guide and help you out by automatically proposing to buy the required resources! 😎


  • New feature: Collection filter on explore page
  • New feature: Display sale history of NFTs
  • New feature: List NFTs for sale & explore sales/listings

This was a pivotal moment for us because we decided to ditch our focus on NFT auctions only and provide our users the ability to list and buy NFTs at fixed prices! We were also the first marketplace on Proton to support bundle-listings 💪

At that point of time, Soony was active in a lot of Telegram groups of different creators, notifying everybody about all important activities of their collections. If e.g. somebody listed an NFT, users on Telegram were (and still are) able to “snipe” this NFT within seconds!


We applied for a WPS developer grant to support the Proton NFT Watch initiative.


  • New feature: Create & accept buy offers

By launching this feature we became feature complete in terms of buy/sell features supported by the AtomicMarket contract 🥳


Our WPS developer grant proposal to build an application to support the Proton NFT Watch initiative was approved and we started talking to the founders of the initiative.


  • New feature: Collection view
  • New feature: Global search for collections
  • New feature: Show USD exchange rate

It sounds insane, but before October we didn’t have a collection view for NFT collections 🤯


We are absolutely excited about the features we have launched in November! 🔥🔥🔥

Weekly Stats Newsletter 📊
The stats newsletter is automated and will be distributed once a week to all subscribers. We’re aggregating statistics across all supported assets in USD. If you haven’t signed up yet, you should definitely do so!

Shielding governed by Proton NFT Watch 🛡️
After two people in the Proton NFT community became a victim of a Proton DEX Key scam, we acted fast and decided to introduce “shielding” on Soon.Market.

We helped the initiators of Proton NFT Watch to set up a process on our Discord server and we advised to set up the initial rules.

As we received many questions about the relationship between Proton NFT Watch and Soon.Market recently, we want to clarify a few things:

  • We applied for a grant to support the Proton NFT Watch initiative and we are already enforcing decisions (blacklist + shielding) taken by the initiative on Soon.Market.
  • Proton NFT Watch is an independent initiative and we currently help the initiative to govern the process for shielding and blacklisting on our Discord.
  • We will help to fully decentralize decision making and translate the requirements into smart contracts. In the foreseeable future, the blacklist as well as the list of shielded collections will be stored on-chain. All decisions and votes will be 100% transparent and traceable on-chain as well!
  • Every NFT marketplace on Proton can already consume the blacklist and list of shielded collections defined by Proton NFT Watch — just contact us! 🤝

Join our Discord and get involved! 💜


  • Launch of Soony NFT notifications on our Discord! 🤖
  • Further supporting the Proton NFT Watch i️️nitiative 🛡️
  • Planning of future marketplace features 🌟
  • Requirement analysis for NFT launchpad 🚀

Proton Ecosystem Stats 2022


  • Sales: $1,431,070.7
  • Auctions: $218,475.2
  • BuyOffers: $710,695.92

Total: $2,360,241.82


  • Unique Buyers: 1277
  • Unique Sellers: 1274

Top 5 Deals

  1. Proton DEX Key #1, $16,561.24 (XPR Auction)
  2. Proton DEX Key #2, $11,277.34 (XPR Auction)
  3. Cypher #1, $8,812.5 (XPR Auction)
  4. CrypFennec #217, $7,000 (XUSDC Sale)
  5. CrypFennec #217, $5,121.6 (XPR BuyOffer)

The snapshot of the statistics has been taken on 31.12.2022, 00:00:00 UTC.

Outlook 2023

In 2023 you can expect a series of improvements on Soon.Market and #shielded 🛡️ NFT collections will start to become even more important! 🔥

We cannot provide a concrete timeline, but we plan to introduce following major improvements & features:

  • Refactoring that will allow us to drastically improve mobile UX on the explore page 📱
  • Redesign of the front page that will simultaneously increase the utility of our SOON SPOT NFTs. In the future you will be able to promote not only NFT auctions but also NFT collections on the front page of the market!
    In order to increase quality, this will only be possible for #shielded 🛡️ NFT collections!
    The new front page will also display trending NFT collections, NFT auctions as well as the latest mints of #shielded 🛡️ collections! 🌟
  • Minting for #shielded 🛡️ NFT collections will be enabled 🖼️
  • A dedicated statistics page will be introduced 📊
    Statistics will also be enabled on the collection view.
  • Development of Smart Contracts and corresponding UI to decentralize the Proton NFT Watch initiative 🤝
  • An NFT Launchpad will be developed! 🚀
    We have great ideas and gathered already a lot of feedback and requirements.

Feedback & discussion

We encourage everybody to join our community on Telegram and Discord to provide feedback and get directly in touch with us!