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Soon.Market — Reward program in March/April 2022

It’s been two weeks now that we successfully launched the Minimal Viable Product (MVP) of and we already got a lot of positive feedback from the community.

Now we want to further improve the marketplace step by step and get more feedback from you — the community — to understand your needs!

Rewards for early adopters

Today we are announcing a reward program for early adopters of our marketplace. We decided to make a testrun in March/April and reward sellers, bidders and winners of auctions.

How to win?

It’s that simple:

  • Just use to create auctions and to place your bids!

Winner selection

We will select following winners:

  • 5 sellers who launch successful auctions (at least one bid) using
  • 5 winners who win an auction by placing their last bid using
  • 5 bidders who place most bids using

*We count these actions for all payment tokens except FOOBAR & RDM
**Time period for the competition is 01.03.2020–30.04.2020
*** Teammembers (Marco, Mitch, Jan, Andi & Marv) are excluded


Each of the winners will receive a SOON SPOT — SILVER NFT which can be used to promote any auction on the front page of!

Learn more about SOON SPOT NFTs by reading the official announcement.

Feedback & feature requests

We not only want you to use our marketplace. We encourage everybody to join our Discord and Telegram channel to provide feedback and get directly in touch with us!



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