Soqqle in GESS Indonesia 2019 (18–20 SEP)

Daniel Shen
Sep 21, 2019 · 4 min read

New interests, new use-cases and a potential entry

We took a startup stand in the latest GESS Indonesia 2019 held in Jakarta Convention Center from 18 to 20 September. Organized by Targus, the event promised to be a massive education technology undertaking to showcase cool new tech in Jakarta. Besides tech exhibitors showcasing their coolest tech, and learning pedagogies, there were also learning conferences held for education leaders in the country.

Packed Registration Area throughout 3 days

The event area is a nice beautiful hall. We were constantly getting traffic across our booths. And we could see the same in others.

The attendees were also quite suitable for us and we were certainly happy with the conversations that resulted from the event. Of course besides attending to our booth, we were also going around the area and checking out blind spots.

Our Soqqle booth setup

We were set beside Brain Development and YLearn in a spot that was near the conference areas. So that’s great, we were set in a area with good footfall. Brain Development is a Russian company that delivers state of the art engineer-powered training tools. YLearn is an assessment-automation tool that makes creating and develiering assessments easy.

In a previous exhibition, we were told that we needed more “faces” in our booths, therefore you can see our pretty banner. And certainly i think it is a good attention-grabber. The 4 pictures that we brought along and stuck to the booth was a good way to quickly introduce the app and bring them to a use case that was done out of Singapore.

Here’s how we walked through our script and brochure with audiences.

Refer to the numbered points on the brochure (left). We used it to direct and navigate the conversation in the way we wanted (pointing to the sections as we moved along)

  1. We are a social e-learning app
  2. We are like an instagram
  3. And Whatsapp for schools
  4. We also introduce group and problem based learning to the classroom
  5. Our ultimate goal is peer to peer. [At this point we whip the phone for a 20 second demo]
  6. Oh and the app is free. Like facebook, instagram is free.

Point 1–5 should take 20 seconds. Demo 20 second. Whole pitch should take 1 min. Then we shut up and listen to what the person does.

And suggest how we can work together.

Showing the dashboard view for teachers
Crowded booth

We picked up on some cool new use cases. From graphic design, to religion, to science. They were all very exciting to us. The ability to capture experiments was something we were not expecting. And the idea caught some solid interest. We think we can nail down use cases in the primary and high school level here. We also potentially identified some partners that could complement our product.

A couple of learning opportunities were also identified on how we run our business development, sales process — including how we capture information for interests.

We also managed to meet a bunch of Singaporeans who were also exhibiting. We subsequently created a Whatsapp group with all Singaporean exhibitors we meet overseas. I think its a cool idea to keep in touch with other “serious” Singaporean companies out on our own in a foreign country. Hopefully our goal to create Singaporean Pavillions can be realized in the future.

Homeland in Foreign Soil

Any thoughts and if you would like to connect, please reach out

1. Using game-like stories (problem-based learning), the Soqqle app groups students by common interests. Teachers can now add social tasks like pictures and videos into their lesson plans.

2. New learning insights using this informal learning technique can cultivate a new engaging and effective way to do assessments. It also encourages peer to peer learning.

3. Students documents and internalize their learning process better.

Soqqle Digispace

Publication for Soqqle. Articles about the Future, the Present and High-Tech Adoption. Focus on #artificialintelligence #blockchain #IoT #VR #AR and more.

Daniel Shen

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Daniel Shen is the coolest founder on earth.

Soqqle Digispace

Publication for Soqqle. Articles about the Future, the Present and High-Tech Adoption. Focus on #artificialintelligence #blockchain #IoT #VR #AR and more.

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