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Rewards for SORA Ecosystem Translations

New Translation Round Announcement for SORA! 🌉

Dear SORA, Polkaswap and Fearless Wallet communities:

We would like to announce that you can start translating SORA, Capital (the generic mobile library used in the SORA app), Fearless Wallet, and Polkaswap from English to your own language! 👨🏻‍💻

In order to participate in the translation team, please join the dedicated chat and fill out this form:

Apply here

Always be careful of scammers pretending to be admins on Telegram. Admins will never ask you for personal information or about your wallets.

✨ It has been decided to reward your contributions with VAL, the amount will change every 1–2 months, and you will get notified about the changes.

🏆 Currently the rewards for each language for completed translations are:

  • 2380 VAL for SORA & Capital projects (2140 VAL for translators, 240 VAL for the reviewer)
  • 2700 VAL for the Fearless Wallet project (2430 VAL for translators, 270 VAL for the reviewer)
  • 2005 VAL for the Polkaswap project (1805 VAL for translators, 200 VAL for the reviewer)

Users will receive their reward when the translation is fully completed. Please note that reward allocation is not based on the time that the translation was started. If you finished your translation but it has not been reviewed, and the reward changes — you will receive the bigger one of 2 rewards after the review.

📌 The translation process is considered completed when all phrases have been translated and have been reviewed by another user. Each translation team requires a Reviewer, who will certify the final quality and accuracy of the translations. For this extra effort, 10% of the VAL allocated for each project is reserved for Reviewers. Everyone, Reviewers included, can contribute as a Translator. In case there are several Translators, they will split 90% of the allocated VAL, based on how many words they have translated.

Please note that reviewing is the process of checking and making small corrections. If the translation is very bad, the Reviewer should contact an admin in the Translation Chat before continuing to review.

On Lokalise, the reviewer should press “Mark as reviewed” (the first icon has to be blue) and “Mark as verified” (the second icon has to be grey and not orange) on all the strings they have manually checked.

If you don’t understand some of the words you are translating, don’t guess what they mean — just ask in the group, we’ll help!

Let’s work together to make SORA and related apps easier to use for people around the world!



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