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Announcing Sorare: NBA Beginner Competitions

Joining Sorare and playing in your first competition can be an exciting, but also daunting challenge. You’re learning how the game works while going up against experienced Managers who have been refining their gallery and lineups for weeks.

In response, Sorare: NBA is excited to announce the launch of Beginner Competitions — two contests for new users ramp up quickly into the world of Sorare: NBA.


The first competition, Beginner I, will launch Monday, Nov. 21, with Game Week 11. Only new Managers will be eligible for this competition. Any Manager who places in the top 50% will unlock Beginner II. And if a Manager then ranks in the top 25% of Beginner II, they will graduate out of the Beginner Competitions. Note that Managers can always choose to play in the Common Competitions at any time.

The same game rules apply to these two new contests, subject to the eligibility conditions outlined above.

Common Rewards

As a part of launching Beginner Competitions, we will adjust the rewards distribution for existing Common Competitions. When Sorare: NBA first launched, we wanted to make it easy to win Common cards so that Managers could quickly build a Common collection to play effectively.

Since launch, we released daily Common Card Swaps and Daily Drops as additional tools to help Managers build a competitive Common gallery. In Game Week 10, we also launched our first Common Special Weekly competition. With the launch of the Beginner Competitions, it’s time to make the Common Competitions more challenging. Going forward, Common Contender and Common Champion competitions will have updated reward distributions.

We welcome your feedback and will be monitoring these changes closely, iterating and updating to keep improving free-to-play competitions for new and existing users.



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