Announcing Sorare: NBA Playoff Tournaments

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3 min readMar 14


Ahead of the 2023 NBA Playoffs, Sorare: NBA is excited to announce its inaugural playoff format, including related schedule, gameplay, and rewards. Here’s an overview and more details will follow when the NBA’s playoff schedule is finalized.

Game Week schedule

Sorare: NBA will feature an altered Game Week schedule for the postseason. Game Weeks will run Monday to Sunday until the Finals, independent of the NBA schedule. Any game that starts within a Game Week’s Monday-to-Sunday range will be counted toward scoring for that Game Week, regardless of playoff round. For the NBA Finals, there will be one Game Week.

While the full NBA Playoffs schedule has yet to be finalized, here’s an updated schedule for the Sorare: NBA Playoffs (eight Game Weeks):

Game Week competitions

Each Game Week will feature eight competitions (free to play):

  • Pickup
  • Limited Contender
  • Limited Champion
  • Rare Contender
  • Rare Champion
  • Super Rare Contender
  • Super Rare Champion
  • Unique Champion

Note that Garage Hoops, Rec League, Limited Tip-Off, and weekly special competitions will not be available during the postseason.

Weekly competition rewards

Managers who finish at or near the top of (weekly) Game Week leaderboards will win Sorare digital cards.

Playoff Tournaments

In addition to Game Week (weekly) competitions, we’re launching Sorare Playoff Tournaments that run the duration of the postseason. There are eight free-to-play tournaments corresponding to the eight Game Week competitions above.

Timing + scoring

Lineup scores for each Game Week competition will be cumulatively totaled to produce a tournament score. For example, your eight Limited Contender Competition lineup scores will be added together to create your Limited Contender Tournament score, your eight Limited Champion Competition lineup scores will be totaled to produce your Limited Champion Tournament score, and so on.

Special scoring bonus

All Limited, Rare, Super Rare, and Unique Cards owned by Managers before the start of the Sorare: NBA Playoffs — as of now kicking off GW49, April 11–16 — will receive a 15 percent scoring bonus for the duration of the playoffs. If a card is sold or traded during the playoffs, it will no longer receive the scoring bonus.

Tournament rewards

Compete against other Managers to win real-life rewards, including NBA memorabilia, custom Sorare merchandise, and much more. Sorare cards will not be included in prizing.

Be sure to scout before the playoffs for players whose teams will likely make the deepest run in the postseason to gain an additional advantage!

Join the competition to showcase your roster-management skills. And check out the Sorare: NBA Guide for general gameplay details.




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