Announcing Ubisoft’s Fantasy Football Experience with Sorare Cards: One Shot League

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3 min readMar 1, 2021


At Sorare, we’re building an open experience where footballers and fans own the game.

We designed and minted our collectibles on the most open, decentralized and secured blockchain: Ethereum. It gives Sorare cards superpowers: digital scarcity, true ownership, authenticity, and most importantly interoperability.

Our digital cards can be used in our global fantasy football game but also in myriads of other games. All Sorare data and game assets are accessible by 3rd parties, allowing others to build tools and experiences around Sorare cards.

Building the best fantasy football game that exists is a short-term ambition. Our longer-term vision is about building a great ecosystem of experiences for Sorare card owners.

Today, we’re very excited to share that Ubisoft has been working these past few months on a new experience centered around Sorare cards and Belgium’s Jupiler Pro League.

Introducing One-Shot League

One-Shot League is a free-to-play 5-a-side fantasy football game centered around the Jupiler Pro League Sorare cards. There’s a strong strategic and coaching element to it. Before you join the game, it’s important you understand all the rules of this one-of-a-kind fantasy game.

As of the 2nd of March, there are currently 5 match days remaining before the end of the Jupiler Pro League season. The core concept of One Shot League is the following: you can only use a player in your team once for the remainder of the season. Since there are 5 games, you can use 25 players.

There’s one extra strategic detail to take into account. When you sign-up, you will have to select a pool of 25 unique Jupiler Pro League cards (25 players if there are 5 games remaining, 20 if there are 4 games remaining, etc). Once you’ve finished selecting your pool, you can’t go back, you can’t do any transfers. You’ve got one shot, one opportunity, to choose these players: your coaching requires thinking and strategy.

How can you start playing

All you need to do is to go to One-Shot League and sign-in or sign-up with your Sorare account. One-Shot League is a completely free-to-play experience where you’ll use Sorare common cards.

However, if you do own some Sorare Jupiler Pro League cards, this will boost your progression in the game with “power-ups”. Every week, you’ll compose the best squad depending on your available pool of players’ cards and the fixture they will be participating in.

Just like any fantasy game, depending on the real-life performance of the players you’ve selected, you will have a score. This score will be taken from Sorare’s scoring grid.

With the sum of the score of your players during that match day, you will be ranked on both the matchday leaderboard but also a season leaderboard! The season leaderboard is the sum of your 5 matchday scores.

We’ve worked with Ubisoft to reward the best and most strategic managers, both on the matchday leaderboard and the season leaderboard. For the final season leaderboard, expect some custom Sorare rare cards and some cool jerseys & swag provided by our friends at the Jupiler Pro League for the top-ranked managers…

Asset-centric games

We’re incredibly proud to unveil this partnership with Ubisoft. We both see value in sharing and experimenting with assets that are interoperable like Sorare cards. Our items are now usable in multiple gaming experiences from One-Shot League, SorareData Cups, SorareMega, Sorarebuzz etc.

As a community, we share a vision that the future of gaming will be asset-centric where games will be interconnected and gaming studios will optimize the consumer’s experience in open ecosystems. On Sorare, you own the game. Try now and never look back.

If you’re excited by this vision, we’re recruiting.

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