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Sorare: Bringing crypto to the hands of mainstream users

How It Works: Discover, Invest and Play With Officially Licensed Crypto-goods

If you’re reading this post, it means — and I’m pretty sure about it — that you believe in the potential of crypto-assets. Well, I’m no different. I believe they can transform the way we perceive and exchange value.

However, when you start explaining the “hows” to any relative, for example to your father, you quickly see his eyes drifting from interest to doubt, uncertainty and even fear. Why? I think that’s because Bitcoin, the main use case today, is very complex to grasp as it encompasses issues of economics, politics, game theory, cryptography and so on. And, no surprises there, you don’t know all about these.

To be honest, I’ve experienced this frustration time and time again over the last few years. Not only with my father, but also with broader friends and family.

Now, imagine that you no longer have to explain anything about crypto-assets ever again. Imagine that a product tells the crypto story for you. Imagine a product that covers issues of censorship resistance, digital scarcity, openness, global liquidity etc. without you — and this is the most important bit — needing to mention these words.

How can we design a mainstream crypto product?

Already trusted by over 30 football clubs (with many more to be announced in the coming weeks), Sorare is a platform that allows you to very easily collect and play with official football crypto-goods.

A Sorare crypto-good has a limited number of editions, is tradable on a marketplace and can be used in a variety of football games.

Invest in your passion!

You all know about it, but nowadays owning a crypto-asset is a hassle because mainstream users need to go over 20 steps to buy one and its value is hard to get.

Sorare, on the other hand, allows you to buy a crypto-asset that you can relate to personally — namely a football player — in just three clicks.

Choose [click one], Pay with your credit card [click two], Play [click three].

Featured auctions

What’s more, you can use it in an engaging fantasy football game that will in turn, allow you to earn more crypto!

The issue with blockchain is user adoption

I don’t believe that blockchains have a scaling problem, I am convinced that their issue has to do with user adoption.

Sorare is tackling this adoption issue as it aims at creating a product that can outperform its centralized counterparts and remove UX frictions related to dApps.

The ability offered by Sorare to freely resell and freely use your football player’s crypto-good is a unique advantage many gamers don’t even know they want yet.

But once they experience it, they may come to demand it from all the games they play in the future. Can we open a trillion dollar market?

Sorare is building an open platform. May it work, we would have in the coming years brought crypto in the hands of millions of mainstream users.

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