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4 min readJul 26, 2021


Hello Managers,

We’re delighted to announce that we have successfully launched our new scaling solution on Ethereum with Starkware. This presents a new and exciting chapter for Sorare and our growing community.

So what will change

Gone will be the days where you have to wait for ‘transfer in progress’ or have to worry about gas-fees and unpredictable delays. The success of the Ethereum blockchain has resulted in very high transaction costs and unpredictable delays.

With a successful migration, we have removed one of the biggest frictions faced by our community and set a key foundation to opening the door to football fans all over the world. 🌍

  • Direct offers and trades will happen in a matter of seconds
  • Card transfers after purchases on the New Signings and Transfer Market will be immediate.
  • Fast deposits through Ramp with no gas-fees
  • Most importantly, this will help us to scale and get ready for millions of football fans. It opens the door for our new scarcity which we are delighted to announce will be 1/1000.

What is the new scaling solution?

With Starkware we built an Ethereum Z-K roll-up that allowed us to remove the friction that comes with Ethereum gas-fees while maintaining the security of your cards.

For those that are interested in digging much deeper, we will share a follow-up technical blog that shares technical parts of the roll-up.

Like all great athletes, our new champ needs to warm-up!

Transactions will be at full speed once a card joins the roll-up. All existing cards migrate to Layer 2 once they have been traded, or transferred to another Manager’s account.

This means that all the positive changes that come with this update won’t be immediate. After migration, the initial trade or purchase of an already existing card will take the same time it took before migration. We will still encounter the odd small bug we will have to iron out that comes with a move of this scale.

What about Ramp?

We are delighted to announce that Ramp have successfully joined the roll-up too. This means that your Ramp deposits will be near instantaneous and gas-fees have disappeared.

What about ETH withdrawals?

Your own personal ETH withdrawals are not part of the smart-contract. This means that you will still need to pay gas-fees for withdrawals.

What about withdrawals?

If a Manager has not completed this action since our Migration began on Thursday 23rd of July, their migration will not be complete. This means that your funds are not part of our Layer 2. Because of this, you can only withdraw your full available balance from your Wallet unless you have completed one of the listed actions:

  • Bid on the New Signings Market
  • Purchase on the Transfer Market or New Signings Market
  • Sent an offer to another Manager
  • Accepted an offer from another Manager
  • Complete a withdrawal of their full available balance

Once you complete a full withdrawal, your account will successfully migrate onto Layer 2 and you will be able to deposit and withdraw new funds.

What about card withdrawals?

With this migration, there will be a new process for withdrawing your Sorare cards from the platform which may take up to 24 hours. We are currently building a helpful tutorial for this process so that you can do it in a few easy steps. The article will be shared when we publish our new Help Centre coming very soon,

I want to know more!

In the meantime, we have a technical blog on Scaling Sorare on Ethereum with StarkWare that we highly recommend digging into to learn about the decision making process.

Last week, Pierre also spoke about the scaling project in more detail at the Ethereum Community Conference (EthCC). You can watch his presentation here.

A Big Thank You!

Getting this launch right has been our primary focus for the last two months. This is the first time that a team has completed a project of this size with an integration time of only 2 months. We’d like to thank the StarkWare Team for all their support in helping us hit our ambitious targets. We also want to thank our community for helping us get to this moment and in particular for their support over the last few days.

But now that it’s done, we can re-shift our focus towards taking the game to the next level and improving your Sorare experience.

For the game within the game, this is one of the biggest things to ever happen to Sorare. It paves the way for our new scarcity and more importantly, waves of football fans ready to launch their Sorare journeys. We hope you’re ready to welcome them to the club with open arms!




Sorare is a fantasy Football, NBA, and MLB game + marketplace. Collect, buy, sell, and compete with officially licensed digital player cards to win rewards.

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