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When to expect New Season Sorare cards?

European Club football is back!

You can’t wait for the new European club seasons to begin? Well neither can we! 🥳

Good news: the wait is over. Belgium’s Pro League and Russia’s Premier Liga are starting their season this week-end. Game Week #186 is now open with the underdog league we all love: Challenger Europe.

To prepare this season in style, we wanted to share the behind the scene story of how the cards are created, and when you can expect to see the new season starting.

Warning: There are no hidden clues for our next club or league launch in this article.

European Football Schedule

You wonder when is European football coming back? Here is the first week-end start for each important league of the old continent:

July 23rd: Premier Liga 🇷🇺, Jupiler Pro League 🇧🇪

July 31st: Scottish Premiership 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

August 8th: Premier League 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿, Ligue 1 🇫🇷, Primeira Liga 🇵🇹

August 15th: LaLiga 🇪🇸, Bundesliga 🇩🇪, Eredivisie 🇳🇱, Süper Lig 🇹🇷

August 22nd: Serie A 🇮🇹

With each passing week-end, we’ll get more football. But it does not stop here. European Qualifiers will be well underway, meaning we will have mid-week tournaments full of action in August. For the first time, there’ll be three competitions:

August 3rd/4th: Champions League Qualifying final round

August 5th: UEFA League Qualifying 3rd round

August 5th: Conference League Qualifying 3rd round

Please note, we’re working hard with Opta to make it possible to score the performances of players participating in the Conference League on Sorare. It’s very unlikely that qualifying rounds will be counted but we are doing our best to have most of it covered.

When will the 2021–2022 Sorare European Cards be released?

We’ll be launching the new season cards as with daily drops from August to October.

Here’s the card creation process for each club, league or football association:

1. The Club/League receive the new season kits

2. Around the season launch, they organise a photoshoot also called media day

3. A few days later, Sorare receives the photos of the whole professional squad

4. We work our magic: we clean the photos, create the cards and share them with the partner for verification.

5. In the meantime, we start producing communication assets for both the club and us.

6. We find the appropriate time for the club and Sorare’s community to release the cards in style, celebrating the club and the new season.

Our ambition is to release all the clubs from a league under Sorare license 2 weeks after the league launch. But please note that this is not entirely dependant on us.

You also might have noticed that your 20–21 Premier Liga and Jupiler Pro League cards still have the +5% season bonus for this upcoming Game Week. This bonus will be withdrawn as soon as we launch the first 21–22 Premier Liga club or the Jupiler Pro League.

We couldn’t be more excited for what is to come for 2021–2022:

  • We’ll be launching the long-awaited new scarcity which will help make Sorare accessible to many new players, rising the tide for all.
  • Stadiums will be accessible again, expect us to build some great rewards and experiences around them, making fantasy a reality.
  • From August to October, you can expect 21–22 cards from existing but also new clubs that have yet to be announced.

July and August are usually summer holidays in Europe:

It’s time to reflect, take a breath and enjoy the sun. ☀️
It’s time to read about football, tactics and discover the next football legends.
It’s time to build your team, manager!

PS: We’re hiring — Sorare is growing and looking for smart, creative, passionate optimists. To learn more about open positions check out our careers page. Feel free to spread the word so that we can keep on building this game together!



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