Next gets new Magic DJ and playlist options, Home screen quick actions, and more

The 1.2 version is now available as a free update on the App Store

Willian Max
Jan 16 · 2 min read

Next, the music app for iPhone that’s the perfect companion for Apple Music, is getting even more advanced features with today’s update.

Starting on Next 1.2, you can now choose from two new Magic DJ mixes — Rediscover Songs and Prioritize Favorites — alongside the classic and beloved Balanced. These mixes help you get different perspectives of your music library in new fun, unexpected ways.

Users told us that sometimes 25 songs aren’t enough. New playlist options let you customize the size — up to 100,000 songs or no limit at all — and order (by name, album, artist, or genre) of each dynamic playlist. In addition to customize, now you can also hide selected playlists from the “Playlists” tab.

With new Home screen quick actions, you can now jump right into your Magic DJ and most played playlists. Just tap and hold the Next icon on your iPhone’s Home screen.

Next 1.2 also comes with more significant improvements in overall experience. It will now remember the playlist you’re listening to even if you close the app and will automatically restart the playback if you change a Magic DJ or playlist setting.

The update is now available on the App Store and requires both iOS 13 and an active Apple Music subscription (or a local music library with synced songs.)

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