Announcing Sorted³ Public Beta!

The time has arrived — as of today, February 23rd, 2018, we are opening our beta to the public! We want to thank the Sorted community in supporting us on this journey.

Sorted³ has undergone months of private beta testing. We’re excited to finally invite the public to check out our newly redesign Sorted — rebuilt from the ground up.

Sorted³ comes with two major themes: dark and light.

Core Principles

Our goal with Sorted has always been to create a tool that helps people stay organized quickly and consistently.

For Sorted³, we spent a lot of time rethinking about our design and decided on the following three core principles.

Clarity — Make Sorted more intuitive and easier to learn.

Unity — Provide a more unified interface across the app.

Power — Improve Calendar Integration, Repeating Tasks, Multiple Tags, and other useful tools to power up your workflow.

4 reasons to use Sorted³

Here are what makes Sorted³ different:

1) Schedule Focused

To-Do Lists don’t work, instead Schedule Everything.

Scheduling helps you focus on what you can realistically achieve in a day, as explained by these experts and professionals.

Sorted puts focus on scheduling, which helps you to effectively prioritise and prevent you from overwhelming yourself. This is done via a unified daily list of your tasks, events and reminders. On top of that, is our uniquely dedicated UI to batch update your schedule.

Having an up to date schedule also helps you better adjust to changes and ad-hoc requests throughout the day. Altogether, this allows you to master your day, and take back control of your time.

Schedule Focused Daily List

2) Combine Tasks, Events and Notes in one beautiful app

Sorted³ combines the best of tasks, events and notes into one daily and interactive timeline. With your information organized at the time you need them.

Not only can you create and edit calendar events directly within Sorted³. You can take long form richly formatted notes as well. More on this later.

Timeline and Note Taking

3) More unified and clearer interface

With the redesign of Sorted, we set out to make the app more approachable and intuitive to get started.

That means clearer and more obvious buttons and menus on top of the existing, fast and efficient gesture based controls our users have grown to love.

Unified User Interface to create Task and Event

Try out our beta and let us know what you think.

4) More Power

Sorted³ also includes more powerful ways to organize and find things.

Hello Tags!

Sorted has always had a list based organisation system. Although that may be enough for a lot of simple use cases, it made certain workflows hard to implement.
That’s why in Sorted³, we are introducing a full fledged multi-tag system.
Now you can add tags to denote the importance of a task. The context of where the task should be done. The status such as “on-hold” or “delegated”. The person with which the task is delegated to. Or simply to shortlist a bunch of tasks from separate lists/projects and see them as special views. 
But that’s not all. You can also apply tags to multiple selected items at once to make quick work of reorganising. The possibilities are endless.
With the two systems in place, we recommend using lists for projects and tags for priority, context and everything else.

Multi-Tag System in action

Full Calendar Integration

As mentioned above, Sorted³ brings full support for calendar events. Let’s say you have Google Calendar as the main calendar app, and linked to iOS Calendar. You can now manage Google Calendar events in Sorted³, including full editing support, showing and editing map locations, and viewing invitees. All without jumping to other apps.

Show Future Occurrences of Repeating Tasks

Early versions of Sorted already had powerful repeating option for tasks. Allowing you to configure complex repeating rules such as “Repeat on every 15th and last day of the month.”
However, we only showed the very next occurrence of any given tasks. 
In Sorted³, all future occurrences of regularly repeating tasks will now show up in your schedule. So you can properly plan ahead to your heart’s content.

Note Taking

Have you ever written something in a note taking app and found yourself forgetting about it? Or having it lost amongst all your other notes?
Each task in Sorted³ now supports rich text formatting such as headers, bold, underline, strikethrough, highlight and checklists.
Opening up the door for you to write simple notes, to full essays. Once you are done, you can schedule them to a date to continue working on it or as a reminder to review and check out the note. 
Of course you can also use our list and tags systems to organise your notes even further.

Powerful Search

Of course, a powerful task and note taking app deserves powerful search. In Sorted³, we are powering up our search to include events, lists, tags, complete and non-completed tasks and more. Our new search may very well become your favourite way to finding things is Sorted³.

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The four reasons above come together to make Sorted³ a powerful as well as beautiful tool that belongs on your home screen.

Sorted³ beta is still a work in progress. Some of the above features are not fully completed yet. That said, we would love to get your early feedback in helping us build a beautiful, easy to use, yet powerful productivity app that will truly help you get the most of your time.


Sorted is built by a small, but dedicated team obsessed with productivity. We’d love to know how we can help you #StaySorted. So get in touch via, or tweet us @Stay_Sorted.

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