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Aug 30, 2018 · 8 min read

Sorted³ helps users schedule their events, tasks and richly formatted notes together.

We have been very fortunate and humbled that Apple has featured earlier versions of Sorted on numerous occasions.

For this major update, we spared no effort in redesigning Sorted³ from the ground up based on:

  1. Years of real world usage.
  2. Feedback from our users.
  3. A lot of thought and care.

Our beta testers believe we’ve built a system that is both effective and a joy to use. We can’t wait to hear what you and your readers think.

— Team Sorted


App Info

Name: Sorted³
Platform: iOS + watchOS (macOS to come later)


  • 14-day free trial.
  • Single In-App Purchase of 14.99 USD to unlock for all your iOS devices.

Release Date: Aug 30th 2018

Initial Languages:
English, German, Simplified & Traditional Chinese.


App Store Link:

Images and Video Assets:

Leo Tumwattana
StaySorted Limited
twitter: @Stay_Sorted

Why Schedule?

Scheduling helps resolve two main issues with your run-of-the-mill to-do lists.

1. Realistic plans

Scheduling helps ensure your plans are realistic and will fit into the time you have available.

Thereby avoiding stress and anxiety caused by an overwhelming and unrealistically long to-do list.

2. Better time allocation

Scheduling also helps you allot the right amount of time to each task and event.

Meaning you avoid letting a fifteen minute meeting drag into an hour.

It also makes it easy for you to block off time for whatever is important to you, be it family, work, or your hobbies.

Feature Highlights

1. Auto Schedule

Auto-schedule helps you put together a plan with just a few taps.

You can use the result as is or further tweak and refine using magic-select and time-ruler.

It’s a great way to to kick- start the planning process for your day.

Another great time to use auto- schedule is to run it during the middle of your day.

This updates your schedule to better reflect whether you are running ahead or behind your initial plan. Allowing you to make intelligent and informed adjustments along the way.

2. Magic Select

Magic-select allows you to quickly select multiple items with a single stroke of your finger.

Simply start swiping left on an item, and without lifting your finger, continue up or down.

Another way to select items is by tapping the left side of an item (to the left of the checkbox).

3. Time Ruler

After selecting items, you can use our time-ruler to batch shift the time of these items all at once.

Scrolling the left edge of the time-ruler will increment time by units of an hour.

Scrolling the right side will increment time by unites of five minutes.

This is a great way to shift your schedule to make room for a last minute meeting or to schedule in a break.

4. Calendar Drawer

With items selected, you can open the calendar drawer to assign the selected items a new date.

The cool thing about the calendar drawer is that you can keep it open on an iPhone.

This allows you to continue to select items on the top half of the screen, then quickly assign a date to them by tapping a date in the calendar drawer.

This works for schedule, list and tag views.

In schedule view, doing so will move the item to the selected date.

In list and tag view, a date will be assigned to the selected items.

5. Quick Add

Use quick-add (the blue plus button above the keyboard) to add multiple tasks in a series.

You can do so directly into a list, a specific date or into the inbox. It’s a great way to “brain dump” your ideas into Sorted³ quickly.

6. Richly Formatted Notes

Sorted³ supports richly formatted notes in each task and event.

Including styles like headers, bold, underline, strikethrough and highlight.

We also support bullet points, checkboxes for subtasks with three states (unchecked, checked, and cancelled). To get the cancelled checkbox, simply long press a checkbox.

Lastly, you can reorder each paragraph by long pressing it to start drag and drop while the keyboard is dismissed.

7. Folders, Lists & Tags

When it comes to orgaizing your tasks, Sorted is no slouch. Use folders, lists and tags to organize everything from simple errands to larger projects.

For example, you can use lists for projects. Add tags to designate importance and context such as a person, place or thing related to the task. Then group these projects into different aspects of your life such as work and family.

8. Reorganize

Sometimes tasks grow a lot bigger than we first imagined them to be. Sorted³has you covered with our reorganize feature.

Here is how it works:

  1. Expand a task.
  2. Tap the three-dots menu at the bottom right of the task
  3. Select reorganize.

Now you can drag and drop paragraphs from the notes section and split them out as separate tasks.

Another way to use reorganize is to split up a task that you created for meeting notes.

Simply create a task at the beginning of your meeting. Take notes. Then at the end of the meeting, use reorganize to split out the actionable steps.

9. Productivity Guides Included

Although scheduling has been a mainstay for a lot of the world’s most productive people, it may be a new concept to a lot of people.

That’s why we’re including a set of productivity guides to help users get started with this tried and true practice.

A lot of the concepts can be applied whether you choose to use Sorted³ or not.

However, the guides also highlight how Sorted³ makes scheduling super easy to adopt. So users can reap the benefits that much quicker.

Media Kit Assets — photos, videos and GIFs

Download Sorted³ Press Kit in zip file.

App Previews


Auto Schedule
Magic Select
Schedule From List

App Store Screenshots

Seize your day. With scheduled events, tasks & notes
Auto Schedule -> Magic select -> Time ruler
Calendar drawer
Folders, Lists & Tags with Rich Formatted Notes

App icon

Sorted³ App Icon
Sorted³ App Icon Rounded

App Store description

Sorted 2 has been featured by Apple as [App Of The Day] & [New Apps We Love] numerous times. Sorted³ is the long-awaited successor redesigned from the ground up to make scheduling your day even easier while being more powerful.

● Why You’ll love Sorted³

Sorted³ helps you schedule your events, tasks, and richly formatted notes into one timeline.

With just a few taps, Sorted³ can auto-magically generate a schedule for you.

Scheduling helps you allot time to what matters to you and ensures your plan is realistic and not too overwhelming.

Furthermore, your schedule in Sorted³ remains flexible to change with magic-select, time-ruler, timeline-view and our other schedule-focused controls. All crafted to help you visualize and adapt to the most demanding of days.

When it comes to organization, Sorted³ is no slouch either. Dig into folders, lists, and tags to organize your projects when you need them.

So what are you waiting for? Try scheduling with Sorted³ and see why the world’s most successful people work off of a schedule instead of to-do lists.

Interested to learn more about the practice of scheduling? Check out our in-app productivity guide that you can always access even after your 14 days free trial.

● Additional features

- Unlock once for all your iOS devices.
- Timeline view — A more traditional calendar timeline view to help you quickly see available time slots.
- Powerful and flexible custom repeat rules.
- Themes (Light / Dark mode)
- Natural Language — To quickly input dates and times
- URL Scheme — For automation with apps like Workflow.
- Siri Integration — Directly add tasks to Sorted³ using Siri.
- and more…

● Community & Support

Join our Slack community by visiting:
Twitter: @Stay_Sorted

● Upgrade From Sorted 2

If you have previously unlocked Sorted 2, then Sorted³ will be a free upgrade. Make sure you have Sorted 2 installed and updated to the latest version before running Sorted³. Then choose “Restore Purchase” for this free upgrade.

Contact us

For further details please contact


Everything to help you #StaySorted


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Schedule Events, Tasks, and Notes into a beautiful timeline.



Everything to help you #StaySorted

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