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This is the press kit for Sorted, the fastest way to schedule, control your time and plan your day. For more information contact:

So what is Sorted?

Sorted is a minimalistic, yet awesomely powerful day planner for the productivity obsessed. It is the fastest task management app on the App Store designed to help people juggle many tasks in a day. We even came up with some patented gestures to ensure the process is blisteringly fast.

Sorted allows you to add tasks to specific days at specific times and juggle them individually or collectively. At the core of Sorted is the tried and tested ticker filing system. A system that has been used by large organisations to track important tasks since the pre-digital age. Sorted takes the concepts of the tickler filing system, simplifies and enhances it with calendar integration, notifications, beautiful flags and delightful gestures.

You no longer need to keep large folders of notes, messages and lists. Sorted lets you turn bulky folders into a simple daily list and a calendar drawer.

In short, Sorted is the tickler file system redefined for iOS devices.

The story behind Sorted

Sorted started as a personal quest by Leo (creator of Sorted) to stay organised in a world of ever changing schedules. Requests come and go. Meeting times shift. Priorities change. Sticky notes get lost and to-do lists grow until they become overwhelming.

Task management is a marathon and Sorted keeps things simple. Knowing what to do, when to do it, without keeping everything in your head will allow you to focus on doing what matters.

Select multiple tasks with a single sweep and reschedule easily in seconds. Sorted works on your iPhones and iPads with a Mac app in beta. Built out from the core idea of getting things done, it offers the fastest task management app to help you get and #StaySorted.

What’s all this about patents?

In order to make the Sorted experience as seamless as possible we invented some new gestures. In particular, we wanted a way to multi-select tasks in one swipe. So we created a swipe gesture to do this.

We realised that this gesture was unique and so got in touch with the patent office in the US. After a bit of admin and support from the Hong Kong government we were granted a patent for our gesture.

App details

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Sort out your day
Organise through Smart-Lists

App Store Screenshots

Unified tasks and calendar events
Move tasks around with ease and get instant feedback
Create lists of tasks then schedule into dates
Sync across your devices
Personalise with themes and matching app icons

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AppStore description

sorted / adjective

confident, organised, and emotionally well balanced.

Sorted is a minimalistic yet remarkably powerful day planner. Master your day and take back control of your time.

Sorted Pro* is free for 14 days, on all your devices. No strings attached. No automatic subscriptions or charges will be made. After 14 days, Sorted Pro features will be locked, but our core features will remain free to use forever.


Store and organise your ideas and tasks in lists. Then simply select and tap the calendar to schedule them.


Schedule multiple tasks with our time ruler, multi-select and pinch gestures to come up with an execution plan in seconds.


Things don’t always go according to plan. Get instant feedback to changes in your schedule without jumping through hoops. Easily maintain perspective on your schedule and take control of even your most hectic days and come out on top.


Start mastering your day with the following simple routine and build up your own system from there:

1. Write down your tasks and ideas into lists.

2. Schedule and execute. [Tip: Try not to over schedule yourself]

3. Update your schedule if you fall behind or when things change.

4. Repeat.


Capture your thoughts into Sorted directly using Siri.


See all your tasks and events in ONE unified list.


  • Emoji Flags — Add priority and context in a fun and delightful way with customisable emoji flags.*
  • Powerful Gestures — Helps you get your planning done in seconds.
  • Daily log — To track all your accomplishments.
  • Repeating Tasks — Both simple & powerful custom repeating tasks to match your needs.*
  • Checkboxes — For subtasks directly within each task.
  • Notifications — To keep you on task without staring at your device.
  • Early Alerts & Estimated Duration — To help you better plan your day.*
  • Auto-Snooze — Nagging alerts so you don’t miss a thing.
  • Share Menu & Tappable Links — To keep track of websites and text from other apps.
  • 3D Touch — For quick actions and even more powerful task scheduling shortcuts within the app.
  • URL Scheme — Integrate with other apps and services like Workflow.
  • Apple Watch — See your tasks on your wrist.

* Requires Sorted Pro after 14-day free trial. See below for more details.

— — —


Sorted Pro — Backup & Sync, Calendar Integration and more…

  • Back up your data on the cloud and sync between all your devices
  • Brighten up your day with additional themes and notification sounds
  • Customize Sorted home screen to feature your favourite theme (iPhone only)
  • See all your calendar events unified with your tasks. Keep track of holiday, birthday, work and personal events and never miss a thing
  • Unlock the full power of Sorted’s custom repeating tasks
  • Priority Symbols, Early Alert, Duration, and more…
  • Capture Tasks from Siri into Sorted
  • Setup Passcode Lock with Touch ID to keep your data safe from prying eyes
  • Support us to bring more delightful features to Sorted

$1.99 monthly, $19.99 annually, $29.99 One-Time (in USD)

Sorted is built by a small, but dedicated team obsessed with productivity. We’d love to know how we can help you #StaySorted. So get in touch via, or tweet us @Stay_Sorted.

Contact us

For further details please contact


Everything to help you #StaySorted


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Schedule Events, Tasks, and Notes into a beautiful timeline.



Everything to help you #StaySorted

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