Sorted — the todo app that keeps up with you. (iOS Media Kit)

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So what is Sorted?

Sorted is the fastest task management app on the App Store designed to help people juggle many tasks in a day. We even came up with some patented gestures to ensure the process is blisteringly fast.

Patented multi-select

Sorted allows you to add tasks to specific days at specific times and juggle them individually or collectively. At the core of Sorted is the tried and tested ticker filing system. A system that has been used by large organisations to track important tasks since the pre-digital age. Sorted takes the concepts of the tickler filing system, simplifies and enhances it with notifications and delightful gestures.

You no longer need to keep large folders of notes, messages and lists. Sorted lets you turn bulky folders into a simple daily list and a calendar drawer.

In short, Sorted is the tickler file system redefined for iOS devices.

The story behind Sorted

Sorted started as a personal quest by Leo (creator of Sorted) to stay organised in a world of ever changing schedules. Requests come and go. Meeting times shift. Priorities change. Sticky notes get lost and to-do lists grow until they become overwhelming.

Task management is a marathon and Sorted keeps things simple. Knowing what to do, when to do it, without keeping everything in your head will allow you to focus on doing what matters.

Select multiple tasks with a single sweep and reschedule easily in seconds. Sorted works on your iPhones and iPads with a Mac app in development. Built out from the core idea of getting things done, it offers the fastest task management app to help you get and #StaySorted.

What’s all this about patents?

In order to make the Sorted experience as seamless as possible we invented some new gestures. In particular, we wanted a way to multi-select tasks in one swipe. So we created a swipe gesture to do this.

We realised that this gesture was unique and so got in touch with the patent office in the US. After a bit of admin and support from the Hong Kong government we were granted a patent for our gesture.

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AppStore description

Sorted is the todo app that keeps up with you. Use our patented gestures to create lists, schedule tasks and adapt to change in record time.


Need to pick up the milk? Don’t want to forget mum’s birthday card? Jot down tasks quickly and clear your mind to focus on the important stuff. Like Netflix.


Plan your day in seconds. No date-pickers, no distractions. Just pure speed. Reorder your tasks, space them out, shift dozens of tasks later or schedule them to another day. All in context. All with a few taps or swipes.


Plans change. Change with it. Reschedule tasks in a swipe. We invented a gesture to do this. No jokes. We literally invented and patented a new gesture. All in a day’s work.


Task managers are a personal thing. So get personal with us. Choose your own theme and come up with new ways of using Sorted.

Sorted started as a personal quest to find the fastest way to manage our ever changing day and the tasks that come with it. It incorporates concepts from many books, articles and blogs into a delightfully minimalistic design. 
Follow @Stay_Sorted on Twitter for tips and tricks on how Sorted can help you stay on top of your hectic schedule.

Happy doing!

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