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David Wicks, our lead developer, working on the graphics programming for Miraj.

Making an interactive artwork that you paint with your voice

How we designed and developed Miraj, a generative art app for the Apple TV

Say anything into the Apple TV remote, and within seconds Miraj brings it to life.

The Idea

Early design studies for Miraj, created in Photoshop. We experimented with different ways to cut apart and collage images.

A Miraj Appears

Prototyping the creation and movement of image fragments.
Shapes leave behind trippy trails of color in this software prototype.
Prototyping the 3D emission of image fragments, a.k.a. the unicorn horn.
Random, non-symmetrical emission with blurred edge effect.

Bridging Cinder and Swift

The final look of the graphics. This art was created from the word ‘anemone.’
Testing the app on the big screen.

A Smooth Experience

A blinking eye/closing mouth gif plays briefly while we begin to process incoming image data.

A Focus-Driven Interface

The interface combines basic tvOS elements with quirky icons and a pop of color.
Layered app icon for Miraj.

The Release



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