Hardware Trends 2017 — HAX Report Covering A.I., Robots, Digital Therapeutics And More

Our annual Hardware Trends report is out, with 243 pages covering:

  • Investment trends & unicorns
  • Consumer devices and the rise of voice assistants
  • Health tech — from prevention to treatment with digital therapeutics
  • Enterprise & industry — mining, AgTech, service robots
  • All the IoT, IIoT, AIoT
  • China — how it has become a leading player in hardware innovation
  • Late stage financing — VC is not the only way when you have revenue and growth!

You can read it below or download it here.

TechCrunch and Forbes published a best-of.

Watch a fast-paced summary of the report from the HAX team:

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Originally published at sosv.com on July 26, 2017.

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