It’s Good to Be King (King of Content, That Is)

Photo: Yes, that is me on the real set of Game of Thrones! Do you know why they can afford to spend five million pounds sterling on artificial snow in a single year? Because the content they produce is so valuable that it’s worth getting all the effects right!

A company in my portfolio, Gamer Guides, has done something clever. They have revised their website in such a way as to expose much of their content to Google. This simple change has resulted in a huge jump in their daily traffic and has them headed towards a new level of revenue.

The thing is their content has always been excellent — it was just not made available to the little spiders that Google sends out in search of interesting stuff for humans to view across the web.

For instance, they have amazing images of game play that they have commissioned artists to produce, but that content was previously blocked from being found in search because the image names were random instead of relevant.

Their mistake had nothing to do with their content, it simply was how the content was labeled, and they are a content company. You probably think you are not a content company. You are very likely wrong in that assumption.

We have had many people tell us many times that they have no content to share, and therefore there is no easy way for them to build up their presence online. This simply is not true. There is always interesting and relevant content that a business can produce, which will then get the attention of Google and thereby their target audience.

It is easier today than it has ever been to create video, audio, image and text content, and it is easier than ever to blog, tweet, post, guest post, and invite guest posts in a snap. There is simply no excuse to not be packaging, generating and sharing rich and useful content to support your business and especially to generate sales.

Every business generates content of some kind as a byproduct of its very existence, and yet most of that content remains locked away from the rest of the world for a variety of reasons. No matter the content, make sure it contains relevant keywords for your business. Make sure you tag it like crazy and give it useful relevant file names (especially images and video) so Google and therefore people can find it.

Even boring businesses generate content, and most do nothing to make that content widely available. Why is that? People tell me they don’t have time, yet they will agonize over a new logo or the color of their front office. People tell me that no one will be interested, yet many customers care deeply about what goes on in the companies they buy from. People tell me they don’t have resources and if that is true, how else are they generating leads?

We hear a lot about thought leadership. I am going out on a limb here to say that if you have a successful startup company or indeed even a successful novel project, then you are likely a thought leader, and therefore your business is generating thought leadership content (anything that makes your business special) that could be driving people from around the world to you.

It takes a different kind of thinking to get a new and innovative venture off the ground successfully, and sharing insights from that journey is pretty much thought leadership by definition. You’ll be producing content that many will crave and are already seeking out, so take a little time to make those insights easy to find and digest.

Thought leadership can be a side effect of the excellence in what you do to make your business a success, and it can bring you everything from customers to investors, from new staff to new suppliers. Most importantly, it can generate a community around what you do with a far wider reach.

So gather your content and get it out there, just like we are all doing here. Spell checking is good, and it does not need to be perfectly packaged. Share the lessons you are learning the hard way and the insights you have gleaned that have supported you. Despite the odd troll, overall you are much more likely to profit from being a thought leader and making yourself a content king.

Bill Liao is Managing Director at RebelBio and General Partner at SOSV.

Originally published at on March 12, 2016.