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SOSV startups in TIME’s ‘Best Inventions of 2021’

6 SOSV startups in TIME Magazine’s ‘Best Inventions of 2021’

Each year, TIME Magazine selects inventions for their originality, creativity, efficacy, ambition, and impact. Startups from the SOSV programs HAX (hard tech) and IndieBio (biology) have made the list regularly.

This year, we have an unprecedented 6 companies listed:

Special Mentions:

A few interesting changes in the list is the continuous evolution of categories, the growing presence of startups, of sustainable solutions of all kinds, and the emergence of biotech.

What Have They Become?

The list celebrates innovation, but companies don’t always succeed. A strong reminder of that is Jibo, the social robot who graced the TIME cover in 2017 (the Nest thermostat and fidget spinners were also on the list).

Let’s look at what happened to SOSV startups selected in previous years:




Looking forward to 2022 and beyond!



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