Forbes “30 Under 30 List 2022” features 13 SOSV founders

Dec 7, 2021 · 2 min read
Clockwise from upper left: Circadia, AlgiKnit, Huue, Eno, Butlr, Skygauge, Pulsenics.

Forbes released its annual 30 under 30 list highlighting those inventing the products, methods and materials of tomorrow. This year 13 SOSV founders were recognized in the categories Manufacturing & Industry and Healthcare.

Tessa Callaghan and Aleksandra Gosiewski founded AlgiKnit (RebelBio) to transform fashion with rapidly renewable bio-based textiles. Based in Brooklyn, the company creates durable yet rapidly degradable yarns and fibers from kelp. Their approach reduces carbon emissions, microplastic pollution, and other negative environmental effects caused by traditional textile production. Read more.

Honghao Deng and Jiani Zeng created a wireless sensor that uses body heat to detect the presence of humans in a given physical space without collecting identity information. Launched from the MIT Media Lab in 2019, their startup Butlr (HAX) uses their patented technology to track movement, posture, and temperature while safeguarding privacy. Read more.

David Doyon and Jacob Flood use modern biosensing to track — and ultimately improve — the human brain. Launched on Kickstarter, their startup Eno (HAX) has developed smart headphones that measure electrical activity to allow users to track and strengthen their brain’s level of focus and improve productivity. Read more.

Michelle Zhu, the co-founder of Huue Bio (IndieBio), makes clean indigo dye made with microbial fermentation instead of traditional petrochemical synthesis. Five times less toxic than standard indigo dyes, the product is quickly catching the attention of the fashion industry. Huue is currently setting up partnerships to commercialize its dyes in exclusive lines of jeans expected out next year. Read more.

Mariam Awara and Ben Maxwell founded Pulsenics (HAX) to develop technology that monitors real-time electrochemical changes at industrial facilities. Their product allows site operators to reduce downtime, maintenance, and system inefficiencies to enhance the performance of electrochemical processes, which saves energy and cost. Read more.

Nikita Iliushkin and Linar Ismagilov co-founded Skygauge Robotics (HAX) to use drones to reduce cost, increase efficiency, and lower cost in large scale building work. The Skygauge drone actually interacts with surfaces and is able to complete physical jobs like painting, high-rise window washing, and pressure washing. Read more.

Fares Siddiqui and Michal Maslik co-founded Circadia (HAX), which has developed an FDA-cleared contactless patient monitoring system for use in long-term care facilities to predict congestive heart failure, pneumonia, sepsis, and other conditions far in advance. A team of nurses review data from the device and analyze trends to deliver predictive risk alerts with medical grade accuracy around the clock. Read more.

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