Introducing the 10 Trailblazing Startups from Chinaccelerator Batch 19 Demo Day

Jun 15 · 3 min read

On June 2nd, Chinaccelerator held a Demo Day for the ten companies in its 19th cohort. The startups are pioneering new approaches in areas including femtech, SaaS, martech, gaming, proptech, and blockchain, and they are a very international group, with headquarters in India, the United States, Russia, South Korea, China, Canada, London, Singapore, and Indonesia.

The companies in cohort 19 have achieved some remarkable business results. There is a firm that is already profitable with over 1.5 million global MAUs; another that has achieved 3x revenue growth in less than 3 months and a third that has more than 1,000 global brand clients.

Chinaccelerator hosted the Demo Day in a hybrid format exclusively for accredited investors: online via Zoom and offline in Shanghai. We also had live streams on Facebook, WeChat, YouTube, Twitter, and Clubhouse. The Demo Day featured a panel discussion with three prominent VCs, live pitches for Batch 19 and online and offline networking with the startups and investors.

L-R: Chinaccelerator Partner and MD Oscar Ramos (Moderator) alongside our esteemed panelists.

More than 400 investors joined us for the live pitching and networking either in person or virtually, and over 1000 viewers joined the live stream.

If you missed the event, you can watch the startup pitches on-demand below.

AMMA Pregnancy Tracker

#Babycare #HealthTech #MobileOnly

AI-powered mobile app that guides parents from pregnancy through early childhood.

ARO Entertainment

#SocialCommerce #Entertainment #CelebrityBrandManagement

Helping global celebrities sell their branded products directly to consumers in China.


#Fintech #CreditScoring #FinancialInclusion

Comprehensive credit scoring for unbanked and underbanked using social and health factors.

Data Forge

#AI #MachineVision #DataLabeling #SaaS

Image annotation platform for training AI data models with high accuracy and low cost.


#DigitalMarketing #CloudAgency #Marketplace

Platform bringing the best creative talents together on the fly for brand and agency campaigns across Southeast Asia.


#SaaS #PropTech #ComputerVision

Mining and construction site productivity tracking and enhancement in the cloud using drones, laser scanners, 360 cameras, and smartphones.


#VehicleSharing #FleetManagement #MicroMobility

End-to-end micro-mobility management platform for bike, scooter, and vehicle fleet operators to create a cost-effective and secure shared vehicle service.


#DeFi #Data #Trading #Blockchain #AI #Fintech

DeFi trading terminal with AI-based prediction models helping traders make intelligent trading decisions in real-time.


#SaaS #Wearables #Fintech #Hospitality&Event

Asia’s leading hotel and event management and mobile payment solution, empowering hotels and event organizers with wearable technology.


#NFTs #Metaverse #VR #AR #Blockchain #Brands

Virtual world where users can buy, sell, create, and monetize tokenized assets (NFTs) from virtual land to digital art.

Chinaccelerator, Asia’s leading startup accelerator, is a mentorship-driven program helping enterprise software startups from around the world enter Asia selling to a network of over 200 multinational corporate partners, and global startups enter China and local Chinese startups expand to global markets. It is operated by the venture fund SOSV with $900M+ AUM operating five global accelerators. Chinaccelerator offers three months of rigorous guidance, training, and resources from mentors, partners, and investors. The robust and supportive alumni network continues beyond the Chinaccelerator program.


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