Introducing the SOSV Holiday Gift Guide

A compilation of fun and useful gifts from our portfolio

Nov 17 · 12 min read

ammacher who? Neiman what? When your portfolio gives you an inside line into more than 1,000 startups, standard gift catalogs just don’t cut the mustard. So as you consider gifts for those on your nice list, here is SOSV’s not-so-carefully curated collection of fun and useful items. Our deepest apologies to those hoping to find a ship-hull-scrubbing robot under the tree—that item is not yet available for consumer use. Enjoy!


BABY: For parents of the next generation

Cradlewise Smart Crib

The Cradlewise Smart Crib spots the first signs of baby’s wakefulness, learns from the baby’s sleep patterns, and starts gently bouncing and playing music to soothe the baby back to sleep. Sold out until March 2022. $$$$$

iBaby Care M8

iBaby is an innovator of wi-fi-connected home devices for families. Their baby monitor, iBaby Care M8, uses industry-leading smart functions and built-in starry night moon and star projectors to gently guide baby to sleep. $$$$$

Lilu Massager + Bra

Lilu makes breastfeeding easier for the modern mom. By automating breast massage and compression, the Lilu Lactation Massager allows breastfeeding moms to pump, track, and manage more breast milk in less time. $$$

Sweetie Pie Organics Prenatal Smoothie

Sweetie Pie Organics produces organic functional foods for prenatal and breastfeeding moms. Their Prenatal Smoothie has no added sugar, gluten, dairy, or soy and it’s good for mom and baby. $

HOME: For the over-achieving homebody

Flair Smart Vent Starter Pack

The Flair Smart Vent Starter Pack works with your central heating and cooling system to automatically control how much air goes to each room. Flair keeps temperatures steady and saves up to 30%. $$$

Flyte Buckminster Levitating Lightbulb

The Flyte Buckminster Levitating Lightbulb is the world’s first light that hovers magnetically, powered through air. Made with an Edison-style borosilicate bulb and a 7 LED star-shaped filament, it is rated to last 50,000 hours. $$$$$

Grobo Start

Grobo allows people to use technology to grow their own safe, fresh, and high quality plants indoors. Grobo Start is a table-top grow box, ideal for providing year-long access to freshly grown herbs, healthy greens, or cheery blossoms. $$

Minut Noise & Occupancy Sensor with Annual Monitoring Plan

This plan from Minut protects your home, your neighbors’ peace and quiet, and your guests’ privacy. Keep an eye on it all from anywhere in the world. $$

Perimeter, The Front Yard Kit

Perimeter builds the next generation of home security. Their Front Yard Kit outdoor monitoring system detects—and deters—home invasions at the earliest sign with sensor fusion, real time monitoring, lights, and sounds. $$

SOMA Smart Shades 2

SOMA Smart Home has built the first-ever automation device for window blinds. Their Smart Shades 2 motorizes, automates, and controls household shades at pre-set times, with light sensors, or with their app, Alexa, or Siri. $$$

BEAUTY: For the Sephora cum laude

OneSkin Technologies OS-01 Topical Supplement

OneSkin promotes skin rejuvenation by decoding the aging process. Their OS-01 Topical Supplement works to extend your skin-span on a molecular level and effectively treats the negative implications of aging. $$$

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Sequential Skin Kit

The Sequential Skin Test Kit uses an adhesive patch to collect sample material from the skin. From the results, they develop a unique profile and recommend the best products and ingredients for you. Available in the U.S. and Singapore. $$$

FASHION: For consumers of customization

Unspun Custom Jeans

Unspun is a robotics and digital apparel company that uses their proprietary software and a production method to engineer Custom Jeans for each consumer, in any cut or style, on-demand, and without waste. $$$$$

Vue Lite 2

Vue Lite 2 smart frames combine headphones, glasses, and Alexa voice assistant into one. Choose from standard clear lenses, blue light filters to protect your eyes, or photochromic lenses that can turn dark outdoors. $$$

FOOD & DRINK: For the insatiable

The Bartesian Cocktail Maker

The Bartesian Cocktail Maker is a single-serve machine that creates premium cocktails at the push of a button. Simply insert a capsule, select the strength, and enjoy a bar-quality cocktail in seconds. $$$$$

Bizzy Coffee Cold Brew: Unsweetened Breakfast Blend

Bizzy Coffee Cold Brew: Unsweetened Breakfast Blend is the highest quality cold brew coffee you can find because they source, roast, and brew each batch with meticulous detail. $

Endless West Glyph Molecular Whiskey

Endless West uses science to create its own blend of wines and spirits. Glyph Molecular Whiskey is the first whiskey ever to be crafted note by note, using extracted flavor and aroma molecules. $

Millennia Tea Superfood Tea Cubes

Millennia Tea supports and fuels wellness with the freshest and most nutrient-rich teas. Their real, raw, whole-food frozen Superfood Tea Cubes are refreshing and delicious. Available in Canada only. $$

Tru Energy Lifestyle Drinks Sampler

Tru Inc. makes functional drinks formulated to help you feel good and perform better. Their Lifestyle Sampler helps with everything—workout, recovery, focus, hangover, sleep, and waking up. $

GADGETS: For the don’t-need, but must-have

Cinemood TV

Cinemood TV is safe and smart portable cinema-on-the-go for kids that displays immersive content onto any surface, creating magical, cinematic moments that families and friends can enjoy together. $$$$$

Eno Enophones

Eno Enophones are the perfect noise-cancelling headphones for deep work. They block distractions so you can focus on what matters and have high-bandwidth Bluetooth and a battery life that lasts all day. $$$$$

The Light Phone II

The Light Phone II is a premium, minimal phone that has no social media, no clickbait news, no email, no internet browser, and no other anxiety-inducing, infinite feed. It simply calls and texts. Available for pre-order. $$$$$

Looking Glass Portrait

With Looking Glass Portrait, the latest in 3D light-field technology has arrived. Now everyone can have their own holographic display created using portrait-mode photos from their own phone. $$$$$

Makeblock xTool D1

The Makeblock xTool D1 is a higher accuracy portable diode DIY laser engraving and cutting machine. Ideal for flat engraving, flat cutting, and rotary engraving. $$$$$

Nura Nuratrue Earbuds

Nuratrue Earbuds from Nura integrate unique sound wave technology to automatically measure your hearing—from the outer ear all the way to the brain—and adapt music perfectly to you. $$$$

Revol Technologies UE Fits

Each pair of Revol Technologies UE Fits custom earbuds mold to your unique ear shape for unparalleled comfort and noise isolation. Wear them all day for exceptional noise isolation and truly immersive sound. $$$

Roadie Music Roadie 3

The Roadie 3 automatic guitar tuner by Roadie Music is three times more accurate than the human ear. It’s the easiest way to tune acoustic, classical, and electric guitars, as well as string instruments with geared pegs. $$$

Shaper Origin

The Shaper Origin combines robotic precision with hand-tool simplicity to create a first-of-its-kind machine — a handheld computer numerical control (CNC) tool that cuts only what you tell it to. $$$$$

Wazer Desktop

Wazer is the first desktop water jet that cuts any hard or soft material with digital precision. The high velocity jet uses a combination of high pressure water and sand-like abrasive particles to cut through the work piece. $$$$$

PETS: For the only one who really gets you

Because, Animals Pet Treats

Because, Animals creates ultra-nutritious and sustainable pet food that is 100% animal-free made using plants, algae, and cultured meat. Any good boy would love their Pumpkin Maple Noochies Organic Dog Cookies. $

Findster GPS Pet Tracker

Using their proprietary tech platform, Findster’s GPS Pet Tracker allows internet systems to communicate in real-time, off-grid, and in a long-range without being dependent on cellular infrastructure. $$$

Petcube Bites 2 Lite Pet Cam

Petcube keeps people connected to their pets with its interactive Bites 2 Lite Pet Cam. This is the first product that allows pet owners to watch, talk to, play with, and dispense snacks to their pets from their smartphone. $$$

PLAY: For generations A to Z

Amino Labs Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero Home Pack

Amino Labs Zero to Genetic Engineering Hero Home Pack teaches you how to extract DNA, grow friendly bacteria, make bio-art, and engineer bacteria by adding DNA from sea creatures. For ages 12+. $$$$$

Keyi Tech ClicBot Starter Kit

Keyi Tech’s ClicBot is a smart robot platform that allows you to easily assemble and control a robot of any form and function you like. The ClicBot Starter Kit inspires play with 50+ pre-configured robots. $$$$$

Makeblock mBot STEM Education Coding Robot Kit for Scratch, Arduino C

Makeblock’s entry-level robot, mBot makes learning robotics programming easy and fun. With a screwdriver and coding guide, kids can learn robotics, electronics, and coding. For ages 8+. $$

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Nyoka Design Labs LÜMI

Nyoka Design Labs Lumi glow stick is powered by their proprietary NanoLight Technology using phosphorescence. Simply place Lumi in the sunshine (or any light) for 10+ minutes to charge! $

Robolink Buildy Bots

Robolink Buildy Bots coding blocks pair with a short-distance wireless technology coding board. This means kids can learn coding without a computer or device! For ages 5+. $$$$$

Robo Wunderkind Robo Spin

Robo Wunderkind teaches kids to code through fun and play. Their toy Robo Spin allows kids to experiment with motion, like building a wheel of fortune or an interactive windmill. For ages 5–14. $$

Smart Lumies Cube

The Smart Lumies system uses machine learning to track children’s playtime and assess cognitive capacity. Their Cube connected toy, collects important playtime data that regular mobile games and apps don’t. For ages 6+. $$

SPORT: For the toy lover who needs extra

Alpine Labs Spark Camera Remote

Alpine LabsSpark Camera Remote has three different modes of control to adapt to whatever you’re shooting—a fun group photo, capturing a long exposure of the stars, or setting up a time lapse. $$

Elwing Powerkit Electric Skateboard

The Elwing Powerkit Electric Skateboard is fully modular and adapts to your needs — skateboard, longboard, standard or long-range battery, single or dual motor. Customize your build. $$$$$

The Last Gameboard

The Last Gameboard is a complete gaming system that lets you play with anyone, anywhere, and with any game piece. Minis interact with battle maps and board games in a whole new way. Available for pre-order. $$$$$

Lumos Labs Lumos Ultra

Lumos Labs makes next-gen smart bicycle helmets. The Lumos Ultra comes with 3 COB LED modules and turn signals that you can activate using the included remote control or an Apple Watch. $$$

Notch Pioneer Motion Capture Kit

Notch is a wearable motion tracker system and app for iOS and Android. It helps improve movement, enhance performance, and reduce risk of injuries associated with body mechanics. $$$$$

Scooterson Rolley

The Rolley smart electric scooter by Scooterson is the world’s first semi-autonomous and intelligent two-wheeled vehicle. It uses machine learning to enhance the ride, maximize energy, and increase safety. $$$$$

HEALTH & WELLNESS: For winning 2022

Flow Neuroscience Flow tDCS Device

The Flow Neuroscience tDCS Device is a medication-free depression treatment that combines a brain stimulation wearable and an app-based therapy program. Available for EU and UK. $$$$$

FoodMarble AIRE

The FoodMarble AIRE is a breath analysis device that tells you which foods are most compatible with your digestive system. Take breath tests—log meals, symptoms, sleep, and stress—and transform your gut health. $$$$

HabitAware Keen2 Awareness Bracelet

Hair pulling, skin picking, and nail biting are our automatic brains at work. HabitAware’s bracelet and digital application Keen2 helps build awareness so you can stop these habits and take control. $$$

Kokoon Technology Relax Headphones

Kokoon’s science-backed, sleep-monitoring Relax Headphones pair with the MyKokoon app to monitor your sleep and give you personalized insights, improvements, and audio. $$$$$

Kolibree Hum

The Kolibree Hum is the world’s first smart sonic toothbrush. Hum uses 3D motions sensors and Bluetooth connectivity to interact with the app, which has games and coaching activities to motivate kids and adults alike. $

Moona Active Cooling

Based on sleep science, the Moona Active Cooling pillow pad regulates your temperature with cooling technology. Moona uses a machine learning model to determine and regulate your ideal “temperature profile.” $$$$$

Sana 3-Month Subscription

Made by Sana Health, Sana is a wearable light therapy device and monthly subscription that helps those who suffer from PTSD, chronic pain, and insomnia fall asleep in 10 minutes without drugs. $$$

Sun Genomics Floré Personalized Probiotics & Gut Microflora Test

Sun Genomics makes custom formulated probiotics based on a complete gut microflora test. Floré is designed so you only have to take one-pill-a-day and it’s cold-shipped directly to your door. $$


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