The difference a year can make

A year ago I learned of the Divine Truth (The Way to God). At the time, I felt fortunate to have stumbled on the information; however, I’ve come to see that I was being led to the truth by God and my Guides.

Coming up on the year anniversary, I decided to spend time reflecting back on what I’ve learned and the changes I’ve made. I went into the exercise expecting to come out the other side potentially frustrated or disappointed with my lack of progress.

As I sat and listed the revelations, battles and learnings of the last year, I quickly became amazed. God is very good to us and I‘m awestruck at the difference a year can truly make.

I’m not at-one with God yet. I still have a lot of progress to make. I still catch myself doing unloving things to myself and to others all the time, but I have faith that I can change. A building faith in myself and in God’s power to change my soul.

In no particular order, these are the gifts I’ve received:

  1. I’ve started to actually be sensitive to my emotions. After spending my whole life suppressing and denying them, it was really hard at first to identify when I was actually having feelings.
  2. A growing awareness of how and when I detune from my emotions.
  3. The ability to identify physical and emotional addictions
  4. Recognizing I don’t have a strong desire for my soulmate.
  5. An awareness of my childhood injuries
  6. Practice of living in truth.
  7. A connection with my Guides and spirit friends
  8. Spirit discussions — time I spend everyday trying to help spirits who’re lost or looking for ways to improve their soul condition.
  9. Divine Truth Meetup
  10. Music — an exploration of one of my passions
  11. Writing — another of my passions
  12. Knowledge of God’s Laws
  13. Knowledge of the spirit world
  14. Knowledge of God’s Love as the substance that can transform our soul and through the process of the new birth change us into a divine angel
  15. Receiving God’s Love
  16. Developing a relationship with God
  17. Building of my faith
  18. Help from God and the use of my will to not engage in sex and marijuana addictions
  19. A growing understanding of prayer
  20. A multitude of experiences and lessons
  21. The rediscovery of wonder and beauty
  22. Developing my spiritual sight and mediumship
  23. Remembering (at times) my sleep state experiences
  24. All of the spiritual books I’ve come across¹
  25. All of the spiritual books I’ve read
  26. An understanding of God’s true nature
  27. A better and more honest understanding of myself
  28. Developing my humility
  29. An outlet to express my experiences and share the truth I’m learning (this Medium blog)
  30. Finding out God has a deep desire to know me and to love me
  31. Discovering God deeply desires to see me improve and to help me to be happy
  32. Understanding that God’s plan is to have all be saved in the end
  33. Realizing I sexually project at men and understanding I can heal and change this within myself
  34. Coming to understand aspects and qualities of my soul
  35. Coming to see some of my facade selfs and being open to identifying others
  36. Being more aware of the judgement I pass on myself
  37. Being more aware when I self-punish
  38. Being more aware of the judgement I pass on others
  39. Having honest and frank conversations in a relationship (for what seems like the first time)
  40. Seeing the high-level of control I like to exercise in my life
  41. Coming to know myself as an eternal being
  42. Coming to discover my personality
  43. Starting to know and have an appreciation for my passions and desires
  44. Seeing things I’m fearful of and how I let fear control my life

¹ There are a couple of book lists I’d recommend. The first is from Geoff Cutler’s site ( and the second is from the Divine Truth site ( You can find many books on these sites available for free download.

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