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Soul Attitudes

Witness to a Vegan Suicide

As broccoli is my witness, this is a true story

Photo by Kristian Ryan Alimon on Unsplash

Vegan. Whole-food, plant-based. No matter what you call it, it evokes emotion in both herbivores and omnivores, and I suppose even carnivores, if there are any exclusive meat-eaters.

Maybe if I say I eat like a gorilla, it won’t sound so extreme, though I draw the line at insects.




A publication by John Rehg that includes his writing on spirituality, humor, life, food, travel, and whatever else strikes him.

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John Rehg

John Rehg

Author, publisher, and software developer. I love to write about food, health, spirituality, humor, tech, and travel. I share insights I’ve learned in life.

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