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Cloud walks, Cloud coffee and Catching the Ray

Digi-Illustration by Monoreena

You don’t use your mind, it uses you — Eckhart Tolle

The part of me that
houses my Neverland —
There resides a poet.

Ignites with words
Caresses with metaphors
Inspires with thoughts

The other slice of me
often in awe, sits
Thinks of taking a walk
with the poet self,
To know of this, a little more —

Roads empty,
Only lit by the full moon,
Empty, yet congested
with hopes that swoon,
Dreams tango in the roadside
Can you see, those vision-enabled eyes?!

When the sky will send some
evening rain —
To clear the air of its misty
It will open the umbrella
just to keep the coffee
piping and clean,

Walking barefoot
Road so wet but clear,
Yet feet muddy
nothing to care,
Careless and lost
Sitting on grass ,
Twinkling canopy above
makes poetry in silence-shards,
Mare of the night, comes
riding the moon,
Knights of night masked like ’toons,

Till the stars burn in the
ash of the night sober,
A tree so giant in dark
looks worn, hungover,
Lungs laughing hard at
those nights of fear,
How they disappear
When the sun sits clear….

Glory of the day
Washing away the dust,
Dreams stretch ’n roll
‘Caroming’ the rust,
Heart finds breath
Bathed in shimmers,
O! warmth, you are beautiful
when measured in
Soul’s thermometer!

And so,
The part of me that houses
My wonderland, wonders,

How will it be —
When it meets the poet that lives
Li’l tardy, li’l unclear,
Walking out of mind’s page
throwing caution to the air,
Present in silence, present in ire
With some humour, some thoughts ’n
that insatiable fire?!

Cloud walks, cloud coffee
all in tow,
Words of soul…just let it flow!

Thank you every one for dropping by my backyard.My Soul Bay loves to get flooded with you presence, encouragement and inspiration!



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Monoreena Acharjee Majumdar

Monoreena Acharjee Majumdar


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