Add To Life By Subtracting Away

Addition by subtraction — a crazy concept, right?

Life is one the anomalies that defies math. You can actually add to your life by subtracting away things that are no longer in alignment. Letting go is actually a necessary step to transcend beyond who you currently are, and to shed your current situation and circumstances.

Often to grow you need less, not more. Material possessions, habits, people…there comes a time when letting go is necessary to move forward. As your awareness and internal resolve grows your circle of close friends and the things you feel are essential to your life will shrink.

As humans this can be a very difficult concept to grasp. Guilt, compassion, fear, adoration, obsession, comfortability, loyalty…they all can cause you to hold on past the expiration date. They all can keep you stuck.

Clearing out your life opens space for new people and things to flow in. It calls forth items and opportunities that are an energetic match to fill the vacated space.

You want to add to your life? Take a look around and evaluate what needs to be subtracted out of your work, home and personal space.

Let go of the attachment, unnecessary clutter and people that are no longer adding to your life and step into the possibilities for your future.

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