Are You Okay With Complacency?

In life to achieve something extraordinary great risks are involved.

Many people have big dreams and want to accomplish above average goals. It’s commonplace to be envious of business owners, celebrities, athletes, entrepreneurs, etc… These people appear to be living the life of their dreams…the life many wish they could obtain.

Very few people (if any) achieve something for nothing. There is always a costs (good, challenging or indifferent) for every choice made. Those who appear to achieve something for nothing don’t have the same appreciation and work ethic and the achievements don’t lasts.

Most people never find and fulfill their destiny because they’re too afraid of the risks to get there. So, they do what they ‘have to’ in order to get by…in order to pay the bills, care for the kids, keep their spouse happy, etc…

Few people truly love what they do and wake up excited to do it everyday. Few people go after their dreams and work to achieve what some think is impossible.

The life you want is out there waiting for you, but you have to be willing to take the steps and do the work to get it; it’s not going to magically come to you. There are no accomplishments without challenges and risks along the way.

You have a choice — you can sit back in the over-populated audience watching the show of Life with everyone else who wishes they were in it. Or, you can be one of the few who the others are watching, in the show actually living it.

So, the question is are you okay with complacency? Are you okay with watching everyday for the rest of your life? There is no right or wrong answer, the choice is yours to make. Just recognize if you choose to watch don’t subject others to your complaining about a choice you made.

Your choice becomes your life. Choose wisely.

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