Are You Really Living?

Am I really living? It’s a question that has popped up for me multiple times over the past week.

It’s a question that reappears from time to time begging me to evaluate where I’ve been, where I am and where I’m going. It leaves me to ponder if how I’m living my life is from a place of comfortability and fear, or boldness and belief.

I am left to contemplate what emotions and thoughts am I currently allowing to run my life?

It’s a question that also asks me to evaluate if I’ve yielded to a mundane life. Has my spirit been dampened for too long? We all succumb to everyday monotony at points in life. Learning to accept and be okay with the monotony of life is necessary. However, I believe it’s also necessary to recognize and acknowledge when the monotony has become not just a period in life, but a way of life. When monotony becomes a way of life individual growth has been stagnate for far too long. For me it means I’m so lost in the comfortability of what is that I’ve stopped seeking and pursuing what can be…I’ve stopped challenging myself. I find that these become defining life moments; times when I get to ask myself “If everything stays exactly the same until I die when that moment comes will I be able to say I fully lived? Will I be content knowing I gave life everything I had?”

When the question appears, I don’t know the “right” answer in that moment. To be honest I’m not even sure there is a right or wrong answer. But, what I do know is just the thought and subsequent introspection it causes changes something within me. It causes me to bring greater awareness to how I am currently living and the decisions I am making.

The question itself brings about a long pause and then a restating of the question “Am I really living?” I believe the pause is enough to create conscious, subconscious and unconscious shifts and the restating provokes the question to linger and the Universe to react.

When the question appears I now recognize it as a recalibration period. It’s a time to look at what I’m currently doing with my life and then to think about how I want to be remembered. A time to ask “What do I want to be my legacy? And what am I doing now to create the legacy I would like to have?”

Today I present the same question to you — Are you really living?

Candra Adia writes daily musings on the perfect imperfections of life here in Soul Connected.