Are Your Limits Real?

We all have limits. Physical limits, mental limits, universal limits…everything in life has limits.

However, most of the limitations we think exists in our life are actually self-imposed. They are perceived limits that don’t really exist; at least not at the threshold we convince ourselves they do. Most limits in our life are defined by our fear, lack of motivation and past experiences.

Next time you encounter one of your limits — i.e. fatigue hindering you from doing 5 more minutes of exercise, your sweet tooth keeping you from giving up an indulgent treat, your inner voice telling you “you can’t do it, you’re not good enough” — pause for couple seconds and ask yourself if the limit is a universal limit (a fundamental limit that cannot be overcome) or a self-imposed limit. If it’s self-imposed (as most limits are) you get to ask yourself “Why have I adopted this as one of my limitations?” And, “Am I okay with letting this limitation have input in who I am and who I become in life? Am I okay with the impact this limit will continue to have on my life?”

If the answer is yes, that you’re okay with the limitation remaining in your life, then move forward and don’t look back. Don’t waste time complaining about how things turn out due to the limitation because you made the choice. However, if you’re not okay with the limitation, it’s time to push past that boundary to see what’s waiting on the other side.

On the other side of your limitations is where you meet a new expanded sversion of yourself. On the other side of your limitation is greater freedom.

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