Back Where I Started

There have been multiple times in my life where I took a leap to pursue a thought, dream or goal and it didn’t work out the way I wanted it to…the way thought it would. Eventually a time comes where I have to sit with the difference between my vision and the way things actually turned out. As I come to terms with the reality of how they materialized I am faced with the task of redirecting my life. During these times I’ve often questioned did I take the leap only to end up right back where I started? What was the point of it all? Was it worth it? Did I waste my time?

There have been times life left me feeling defeating; like I progressed backwards instead of forwards. There have been times I’ve felt like I’m right back where I started.

Overtime I’ve learned that despite how I may be feeling at the time, I could never be back where I started. Simply the act of living is enough for all of us to learn and grow. I now see that if I sat in the same spot for the entire time I would still grow from what I observed and processed during that time.

Even if you can’t see it you’ve grown and changed from the experience of trying to achieve something new and different in your life. The reality of not achieving your vision the way you thought you would has lessons embedded in it. Having to pickup the pieces and redirect teaches you valuable lessons about yourself and about life.

Back where you started is never really back where you started. Every moment you’re alive you’re moving forward and time was not wasted, it was spent living.

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