Be Present In Your Life

It’s easy to get so busy in life that it passes by in a blur. The day-to-day motions become routines and you lose focus of all the extraordinary things happen in you and around you every single moment of every day. It’s important to slow things down and be completely present in the moments to fully live life.

Stop — take a moment to pause in your day and be completely present with where you are and whatever you may be doing.

Observe — Notice all that is around you right where you are. Notice your breath, your heart beating, that you’re alive. Notice the air around you.

Gratitude — Have gratitude. Give thanks and appreciation for what you’re witnessing, what you’ve been through and the space you are occupying in this specific moment. Thanks for where you’ve been, where you are and where you’re going.

Life is moving all around you every moment of every day…take time to notice it.

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