Be True To Yourself

In life things, circumstances and people come and go, but through it all you remain. No matter what obstacles come your way, no matter the peer pressure you face always, always, always be yourself.

Take time to find out who you really are.

Not the you that adapts to fit in, or the you that others think you should be. But the authentic internal you that’s detached from what others think or want from you. When you learn to be true to yourself you become more aligned with the flow of life. When you’re aligned with the flow of life your inner peace and awareness increases. Your inner joy is more abundant because it’s not attached to outside thoughts, expectations and opinions.

Resting in who you are doesn’t happen overnight — it’s a process. But as you start to consciously make decisions and take action from an authentic place within yourself you’ll naturally uncover more and more of your true self. You’ll meet the ‘you’ that’s always been there waiting to be seen, heard, known and understood.

“To thine own self be true” ~Shakespeare — Hamlet

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