Breathe: Alleviate Anxiety & Stress

One conscious breath can make a difference.

We don’t do it nearly enough. It’s an integrated stress reliever and a healing aid for what ails us.

Mindful breathing. Not huffing and puffing, or increased short, exasperated breaths.

Deep, slow, controlled breathing has been medically proven to relax the body and mind, helping with management of stress and anxiety. It also positively impacts the heart, brain and lungs.

When you feel yourself getting frustrated, angry or overwhelmed, stop for a minute or two — heck, even a few seconds can make a difference if that’s all you have — and take a few slow, deep, controlled breaths. Your energy will shift, your blood will stop racing and your fear won’t seem so compelling. You’ll be able to respond or react from a consciously, centered space.

Now, the point isn’t for this process to be loud or especially noticeable; you’re not attempting to catch the attention of everyone else (unless you’re in a class or practicing a specific exercise). Nor are you using the breaths to indicate to others how you feel. This is an exercise done by you, for you; it will assist with releasing, relaxing, increasing awareness and becoming completely present with yourself.

The majority of the time we don’t even notice our breath; it’s an involuntary reaction that keeps us living. But, take a moment to consciously focus on each breath. Notice how amazing it is that the body and brain automates it for you so you don’t have to think about doing it for yourself.

Scientific evidence aside, each and every breath we take is a gift that one-day will no longer be there.

Make a conscious effort to incorporate mindful breathing in your day — notice and become one with your breath. And, when you feel stress and anxiety taking over use it as a tried and true remedy.

Breath. Calm down. Connect with yourself.

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