Difficult and Impossible Are NOT The Same Thing

It’s commonplace to confuse the two. There’s a fine line between difficult and impossible.

The mind is extraordinarily powerful. It can be a source of creation, manifestation, light and self-generating energy. It can also be a source of suffering, impairment, indignity and detriment.

When a task or goal feels especially difficult to achieve your mind will try to convince you that it’s impossible. This small distinction can have a significant impact on the trajectory of your life.

Most people incorrectly assign a label of impossible to things that are actually difficult to achieve. This incorrect assignment creates separation giving them an excuse to not have to hold themselves accountable. The incorrect assignment also exonerates them from putting in the extra time, effort and discipline needed to accomplish their goals and dreams.

When you assign a label of impossible to something that is instead difficult you have a reason stop trying. When you stop trying to attain your goals and dreams everybody loses; you deprive yourself and you deprive society.

Difficult makes you uncomfortable because it takes you out of your comfort zone. Difficult challenges you and pushes you to grow; it requires that you do more, give more and be more. Difficult will test your limits and at times it will feel impossible. Despite how it feels, it’s still within your physical, mental and spiritual capabilities to accomplish the task at hand if you really want it.

Impossible means it’s not within the realm of human capabilities. Impossible means no matter how hard you try or how much you do there is absolutely no way it can happen. Impossibility seems real; however, in life, there is very little that is truly impossible to attain.

When you think something is impossible take a step back and assess things. Is it really impossible? Or, is it impossible because you have determined it’s too difficult to achieve?

Knowing the difference is the differentiating factor between giving in and giving up. Which one are you doing?

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