Don’t Let The Bad Times Stop You

If you let the bad times stop you, you won’t be here for the good times.

Throughout life there will be things that materialize into something more and there will be things that don’t. There will be times when you give everything you have and try as hard as you can and things still don’t work out. There will be people who let you down, situations that fall apart and dreams that never come to be. Such is life.

But, if you allow those things to discourage you and cause you to give up, you’ll never get any further; you’ll never know what could happen or what could be.

Sure, it’s a fact of life that things often won’t come to fruition exactly the way you dreamed. What you want versus what you get may have miles in between them.

The thought that there’s a strong possibility things may materialize different than what you want or dream is outright scary. It means ultimately you don’t control what manifest in your reality.

When you’re going through a difficult or bad time it’s easy to think that things not working out the way you want or dream is a bad thing. But, if you surrender the outcome to life and hold on to the belief that everything works out to give you exactly what you need (removing the labels of good or bad and instead seeing whatever happens as a learning, life experience), you’ll find there are inherent blessings in not getting what you want or dream. You’ll see that your time may not be the time for things to come to be. You’ll also find that the difficult or bad times are setting up the good times.

If you get lost in the trials, tribulations and difficulties of life that is all you’ll ever see. Continue moving forward, continue giving all you’ve got and continue believing through the trying times to make it to the rainbow and pot of gold that is yours to receive.

The only constant of life is change.

The bad times won’t last forever, unless you allow them to stop you. Being perpetually stuck is a choice.

You may slow down a bit but don’t stop and don’t give up, things beyond what you want or dream are waiting for you. The good times make the bad worth persevering through.

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