Feeling Overwhelmed? How To Tap Into Internal Peace

There’s an underlying quietness to life that always exists.

It’s easy to lose it the daily busyness that becomes the hustle and bustle of life, but it’s there. It’s a quiet frequency with a still, serene energy always available to tap into.

We get so caught up in life that we lose sight of it and forget it’s there. When we forget it’s there things like stress, anxiety and fear show up and start to become our companions in life. When that happens the ever-present space of fullness, peace and contentment become a faint distant memory. It appears to be an unattainable illusion.

When life is getting the best of you a reprieve is available and waiting; you just have to tap into it. You have to get still externally and be fully present internally to access the space. You have to let go of the past and future and be present in your existence in each moment as it occurs. To access the quietness of life you have to approach the space without fear, expectation, or anxiety. You have to approach it with openness, receptivity and surrender.

The space is pure; it’s the energy of life itself. It’s embodies the oneness that exists between everything and everyone.

When you’re ready — stop, get still and just be. Be in your internal thoughts. Be in the darkness. Be in all that is occurring around you. Just be. In these moments allow yourself to just be. Let go of your internal to do list, the places you need to go and the things you need to do and just be. In this space the titles you hold mean nothing and the possession and money you have is nonexistent. In this space there is only you and life. Breathe.

The thoughts may still swirl and it may feel a bit uncomfortable, especially initially, but that’s ok. Breathe.

There’s no right or wrong way to access the space, whatever way you do it is the right way. Just be.


Your breath is an indication that you are alive. And if you’re alive life is living in you, through you and all around you. Life is supporting you in every single breath. Your heart is beating, your blood is circulating, your brain is functioning; millions of things are occurring simultaneously in this very moment for you to live. They’re occurring without you controlling it; without you consciously thinking to make all of it happen. How amazing is that!

Breathe. Notice your breath.

The energy of all of creation is in your every breath.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, you just accessed the space; the quiet, still energy of life. It’s always available to you and the more you access it, the more you’ll become consciously aware of its constant presence. The more you’ll become aware that you are that space…there is no separation.


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