Between a Rock and a Hard Place — Stuck

Won’t go back, can’t go forward

I don’t know about you, but I’ve experienced times in life where I have felt stuck. I’ve come too far, worked too hard and given up too much to get where I am; I don’t want to turn back. Yet nothing seems to be opening to progress forward. Honestly, I’m in one of those times now.

I’ve prayed about it. Reflected on it. And pleaded for direction.

I’ve followed the steps and went with the signs, yet it feels like I’ve been left to fend for myself.

Crickets. Nothing. The Divine has left the building.

These periods defy logic. You’ve done all the work yet is appears you’re reaping none of the rewards. It can feel downright demoralizing to be stuck, from following the path as you were led, and then be left to watch, as others seem to pass you by.

This period is frustrating. I know. I’ve been there…I’m there now.

So how do I get through it?

I reflect back and recall that every period of stagnation has been followed by a time of great growth, substantial movement and positive change in my life. I remind myself that the only thing constant in life is change. Reassurance that this period will not, cannot last forever; it is temporary, and in time things will shift…they will change.

Don’t allow yourself to give up. Stay in action, don’t stop taking steps; and remain open, don’t allow your mind to limit the possibilities.

Just because you feel stuck doesn’t mean you are. If you’ve followed the steps and went with the signs don’t stop there; trust that the results will come. Know that there is an unseen force working on your behalf even when it feels as if everything is standing still. This force is orchestrating energy, people, places, situations and circumstances to set up your future.

Sometimes you’ll need to take a step back in order to continue progressing forward. Know that it’s okay and no doubt a part of life’s plan.

Movement, whether forwards, backwards or sideways creates energy and the energy creates openings and opportunities.

Learn to surrender while in the in-between; accept your life for what it is, where it is, right now. This uncomfortable, awkward period is necessary for lessons, introspection and preparation. This period is what adds character to your life’s story.