Focus On What Matters Most

It’s easy to get caught in the hustle and bustle of daily life and lose sight of the things that matter most.

Many things require our attention. However, most of those things will be insignificant when we look back over our life.

It’s funny how the majority of our time is usually spent on the things that matter least over the course of our lives. I’ve never met an elderly person who wished they’d taken fewer vacations, or lived a more conformed, routine life. But, I have met individuals in their golden years that wish they‘d taken more risks, and been more cognizant of how they spent their time.

The chances that you take, succeed or fail, become learning experiences and great stories to look back on and share. The chances that you never take become regrets. You’ll wonder what could have been if you had tried to pursue your dreams, goals and aspirations.

Life is precious and short; every second we live we get closer to death. This is it — one life, one opportunity, one chance to live.

Orchestrate your life in a way that allows you to spend as many moments as possible with the things that matter most to you. There are no second chances at life. Strive to live a life with no regrets.

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