Giving It All Up To Pursue A Dream

There’s a miss conception that exists in some circles that says to follow your dreams you must be willing to completely give up your current unfulfilling life, leave everything behind and give 150% to going after your dream. In essence you must be willing to struggle through life and be broke — struggling financially until your dream can sustain you. I know the concept exists because I bought into it. I also now know it doesn’t have to be that way.

Choosing to give up everything to pursue your dream is just that — a choice. It’s not a right or wrong choice it just one choice of the multiple options that exists. It is possible to pursue a dream while living comfortably and remaining self-sufficient; it’s all in the choices you make.

Dedication, hard work, focus and determination are necessary to reach your dreams; financial hardship is optional and depends on the choices made and circumstances endured.

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