Gratitude Is An Expression Of Love

With the Thanksgiving holiday occurring here in the US the past two days my thoughts have been centered on gratitude. This season is a great reminder to establish a practice of gratitude.

However, gratitude and gratefulness isn’t about all the material things you’ve acquired or all the money you have. Gratitude is a practice of being grateful for the intangibles in life.

If you’re gratitude is attached to what you have when those things are no longer there your gratitude disappears as well. Which means your internal state of well-being fluctuates based on the external possessions and status you have. When you express gratitude from this position it’s entirely ego driven. You’re actually not grateful for life itself, you are grateful for the way the things you have allow you to navigate and appear in life. This is materialism, not gratitude.

When you have true gratitude you can have everything or have nothing at all and still be authentically grateful. True gratitude is about being grateful for the blessing of life. True gratitude comes with the understanding that the remarkable things of life don’t cost a thing; they can be partaken of everywhere, every moment, all around. The invaluable ‘things’ in life are internal, not external.

True gratitude is an expression of pure love and a reverence simply for being here.

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